April 14, 2010, "Procrastination"

Yesterday, I finally received my Copyright 'Certificate of Registration'. Yes! I received it for the first book that I wrote titled, "God Is Enthralled By Your Beauty" Finally Looking Into The Mirror He Sees You In. The book was written in 2004, and completed in 2007. I'm so excited! I know to many it does not seem like a 'big deal'...but it was for me! I'm smiling so BIG, I could 'pee' my pants...heehee! I apologize for the unprofessional excitement, but, o well, I'm plain excited!!!

The amazing part of this waiting process for the Copyright Registration Certificate is first of all, it normally should only take at the most 6 to 8 weeks to receive. Of course, with life...things, circumstances, growth takes place and then that thought of, "Wait! I haven't received my certificate yet" would come and go. It seemed that every time I would try to correspond with someone, there was either "no answer" or "no call back" to my voicemails. The no "reply" to my emails or I would forget to follow up. No matter the circumstance, during that time, there were major procrastinations on the revisions of the book; but finally as stated in a few posts back, 365 tomorrows went by and finally I just grabbed the project by the horns and said, "We're gettin' it done today!" What was placed on the back burner for a year was literally accomplished in one day, when I committed the process to God and relied on His grace and strength. Relying on Him to finally allow His grace and strength to allow me to rise above the procrastination.

To make this short, if possible...haahaa...as soon as the revisions were finished, I immediately called the Library of Congress and no kiddin'...someone answered. Not only did they answer, but the gentleman I spoke to said, "Tomorrow, I am mailing out the certificate, and when I do, I will give you a call." Sure enough, he called me the very next afternoon and let me know he was mailing it out...I kid you not...what I waited for since November 7, 2007 was finally received on
April 13, 2010!

Again, it doesn't seem like a 'huge' deal...but upon receiving the certificate, all the things that have taken place since this lengthy period of time I submitted my paperwork, allows me to appreciate it so much more. I thank God for the process in waiting; even when it seemed unnecessary; it is definitely an opportunity to grow and realize that procrastination never pays. Procrastination more times than not; is the enemy to destiny and great significance through the success that God wants to lavishly allow us to live in.


  1. Glad you finally got your certificate.
    Blessings, andrea

  2. Tonya said...

    Great news! In God's book, you were already "official". Never contain your excitement; it's contagious!


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