May 20, 2010, "Overwhelming Needs met by an Overwhelming Awesome God"

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Criswell

II Timothy 4:2

The needs are profound. There are many who are seeing the hard times come upon them as two great walls that are slowly coming together, crushing all hope, giving up with no life left.

I am amazed to see the ones who have the Lord, they have great hope in Him. They are hoping for a great result, but it seems that even in the midst of great hopelessness and no matter the result, their eyes are steadfastly stayed on Jesus Christ, the Hope of Glory.

As I am thinking of the several families that are going through these times I am being reminded at this moment that while in the store, school, place of business and we see a need that must be met, then I believe we aren't there by coincidence, but by God's divine appointment. I am reminded that it may not always be about the financial need, but the investment of our time, a word in due season, an embrace, a touch on the hand, or praying. I pray that I am ready and willing by His great power and strength to do what needs to be done.

Many times the situations around us that we may be experiencing or seeing others experience seem like Mt. Everest; the overwhelming needs we see right before us, cause us many times to not do anything at all.

However, as the tiny little ants that God created, it is our reminder of what we can do as we work together. The little mounds that we see the ants build in the dirt in comparison to their size is a huge mountain that they were able to construct together. Their individual 'gifts' that they operate in together allows great conquest! The gifts and time that we have available to us, we are able to see great progress on someone else's behalf for the Glory of God. I am reminded today to pray for the wisdom of God and His understanding to be stirred up on the inside of me. May we be ready in and out of season as we are sensitive to the Holy Spirit of God!

If you have a testimony of God that you'd like to share in regards to this, please comment! I would love to see how the 'God ideas' were manifested through your life or upon your life!


  1. I am praising GOD for meeting our every such difficult times.

  2. C said...
    Hey Girl -

    Great message...

    This week the walls were closing in at work. People were not following through, project requirements were changing last minute, technical difficulties were haulting work, and then I started throwing up again and feeling nauseated again in general, but wait - I just passed my first trimester! Come on!

    So on Tuesday I prayed, "I give this all to you. Please take care of it. Find me a way. Something's gotta give." Then that day a prospect client agreed to push our meeting till the next day. My husband agreed to build me a working environment (6 hours of unexpected work on top of his already super busy day) so I could prepare for my presentation since my co-workers had not followed through. This was huge. Then today my training class was cancelled which meant that I could practice my presentation for tonight's SharePoint user group. I'm starting to feel better even though I did throw up this morning, so it al just might work, it's is working out!

    - C

  3. T said...
    Just wanted to drop you a note loved today's devotional so timely for me

  4. I can always pray for others and know that God hears each one. His answer comes in His time. :O)


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