June 11, 2010, "My Dad"

This is a bit lengthy...but please pray for my amazing dad! He is truly my and my sister's amazing example of a glimpse of our Amazing Father God!

In regards to my dad, I am sending out a request of fervent prayer unto our Awesome God on my daddy's behalf. It is really difficult to watch your dad, so strong, who can literally do 'anything' be subject to pain that hinders him in ways that I never thought possible.

It began on Tuesday early evening when he was trimming the small bushes outside. As he bent over, his back literally gave out causing him to be face down on the ground. He was on the ground for an hour and a half and no one knew. My mom was at bible study and no one found him until a person in the neighborhood, walking their dog found my dad. He was in so much pain that the person was unable to assist him in getting up. What the kind person was able to do was get some ibuprofen and water and give it to my dad, for some relief. My dad eventually was able to crawl back to the house, but still in excruciating pain.

Mom got home and was surprised and upset to find my dad in his state of pain. Now, if you know my parents at all...you know how close they are. The only words to describe what God has put together is 'kindred souls'. It's amazing, when one is in pain, the other sympathizes. They finish each others sentences and adore each other. They are an amazing couple and will be celebrating 38 years on the 21st of this month...and they are two people that I have the privilege of calling, "my parents".

Well, the next day, I was able to get away and go to the doctor with both my parents. I didn't realize the state of pain my dad was in, until I witnessed it myself. It took much to hold back the tears, as I watched and said to myself, "That's not my dad." I knew in my spirit, that he didn't want his girls to see him in this state. He was literally bent over in pain and had to stop quite a few times because of the excruciating pain as he walked into the doctor's office. A complete stranger saw my dad's state and placed his arm around my dad and said, "Lean on me, come on, lean on me" and the gentleman assisted my dad into the doctor's office. Amazing!

I give you a little bit of the story of what I witnessed so that you may understand what my dad has been going through. He will try to say to others that he's fine...he is so stubborn in that way. He doesn't want anyone worried or concerned over him.

Well, this morning, I awoke with the following declaration:
"ENOUGH! In the name of Jesus we call the degenerative bones to regenerate NOW over my dad in the Name of Jesus! I speak by great faith in my God, You are the Healer, to replace the pain with soothing relief coupled with miraculous healing over my daddy's nerves, L4 and L5 discs and inflammation go down now in the Name of Jesus! Lord, I thank You that You are the God that heals. It is not our Faith...it is Your Faith that we utilize as a tool and connect with belief in our hearts that You are the Almighty Healer! Father, I thank You for your amazing power to go through my dad's body, causing abundant life by the Blood of Jesus to cause restoration and wholeness to annihilate his bones, cartilage, muscles, nerves and anything else that we don't know what to pray for in the Name of Jesus. Just as the allegory of the re-birth of the eagle that has go to the mountain top and pull out it's talons, pull out his feathers and beat it's beak to the rock; the newness comes forth 150 days later as new talons, new feathers and a new beak come forth, causing it to become like a young eagle again; adding 30 more years of an abundant life. Lord, I don't know if that story is true or false, but Father I love the parable. Lord, I pray the same re-birth that has taken place in my dad's spirit because of Jesus Christ, that this same power that raised Jesus from the dead, would annihilate and overwhelm my dad's physical body in the Name of Jesus! I pray in this moment of forceful rest; that he become stronger than before, that there would be a great source of Your energy and power to come forth upon, in and out of his body and with long life You satisfy my daddy! Thank You Lord in advance in my realm of boundaries, time restraints that we will see great abundant life in every part of my dad's life, as we already see in his life spiritually, mentally, monetarily and we speak that forth over his physical body. Lord, what I saw with my physical eyes tries to get me to use the tool of doubt from the enemy...but Lord, I know You are more powerful and in Jesus name I utilize the eyes of faith that you have bestowed upon me and in Jesus name I see my dad healed, whole and restored even more so than what I could ever imagine in Your majestic, Holy, most powerful name....the Name of Jesus!"

Thank you for agreeing with me and please leave a comment for my dad so that I may forward it onto him, to encourage him...it would be greatly appreciated! If you don't have a user id...just go to the drop down arrow and click on 'Anonymous' and you should be able to leave a comment with no hindrances.


  1. I join you in prayer for your Fathers healing and release from pain, amen

  2. C said...
    Hi T,

    I am praying! You command the healing with the authority God gave you and enforce the victory of Calvary . Send the word according to Psalm 107:20-22 and praise God. You have authority. Release the Kingdom. Let heaven invade the earth as you stand commanding the Kingdom of God to collide in this earthly situation. God will move and heal your daddy.

    Keep me posted baby girl!

  3. Poppa said...
    "I pray in agreement with you, my Little Sister. Thank you for your wonderful fervent prayer, and for the beautiful love you show for your Dad.

    God's healing hand, and loving concern is upon your Dad, my Dear Friend.

    He will be renewed as the Eagle - just as I am in the process of being. He is God's man.

    My love to you, and your Dad and Mom, and to the rest of the Family.
    What a wonderful beautiful family you are.
    Blessings be upon you all.


  4. Julie said...

    I prayed for your dad and know that God's will is at work!

    Heath suffered the same type of thing a few years ago. He was layed out on the floor for 3 days before we could even get him to the Dr. He hasn't had a problem since. Praise Jesus!!

    With love,


  5. I've joined you in your prayers for your father.. I pray that his pain goes away and that he has total and complete healing..


  6. Oh my goodness. I pray that he is better with this note...

    Back pain has got to be the worst. My hubby went through that a couple times in his life and has had to have surgery once.

    I feel so bad for your dad...prayers coming his way.

  7. Praying in agreement with you for your precious dad...

  8. I am standing in agreement with you for divine healing for your father in the name of Jesus.

  9. Thank you daughters of the King so much!!! My dad in the natural is still in much pain...nothing has been treated yet...praying Almighty God's Divine Healing to touch my dad's back! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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