Chapter Five: Beauty for Ashes

I just posted Chapter Five: Beauty for Ashes.

This is probably one of my favorite chapters as it allowed me to fall in love with Jesus in a way I could never imagine or dream! As I re-read it today, this spark of unimaginable love overwhelmed my spirit, which began to overwhelm my mind to another realm of renewal. Our God is so awesome!

If you have not been able to read the book yet, please go to

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God bless you and please share with other women who could truly utilize this...if you want to purchase a soft back book, please contact me at


  1. In our ashes Jesus takes them and turn them into His beauty. He takes all it and what a beauty it is when He is done with it.

  2. Congrats on winning Octamom's giveaway! I clicked over and am so excited to read your book; it sounds amazing!


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