February 2, 2011, "Praising Him No Matter What"

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Criswell

"But I will hope (have great expectancy) continually, and praise you yet more and more. My mouth shall tell of Your righteousness and Your salvation all the day, for I do not know their limits."
~ Psalm 71:14-15 ~

This morning I was so aware of desiring the presence of God.
The awareness was such a revelation to WHOM lives on the inside of me.
Looking inwardly to my Great Comforter and Helper, the Holy Spirit of God.
In this awareness, there was this praise that was purposefully coming forth, arising up out of me. The amazing power to realize I no longer wanted to unintentionally 'use' God as a 'lucky charm' but knowing He is to be feared. No longer attempting to 'work the Word' to benefit me, but to allow the Word of God to work IN me.

I was reminded that I must fear God; beyond a reverence and an awe, but an unaltering, unknowing, indescribable fear in being aware of my nothingness in comparison to His everything'ness'.

As this revelation was coming forth, transforming by thoughts towards God, it instantaneously drew out the praises unto The Great I Am, out of my mouth. As I thought about the great dissatisfaction I have been experiencing, I realized I was being driven by selfish agendas. Agendas of the vision that God has given me and 'trying' to figure out how 'I am' going to get them accomplished.

Upon realizing my selfish agenda, there was this great understanding that there is no way I can get something accomplished that is of God without His leading. The vision that He has given to me is not my possession, but His. Immediately the need to feel the burden to be responsible for His vision was so beautifully removed from me. I no longer bore the unnecessary burden to see the vision come to pass. I realized in that moment that I needed to cast that vision back to Whom it belonged to and hold onto it, waiting for His call to action. When He says to go...I know that the vision will be backed by His great, unimaginable PROVISION!

In all of this, as I was getting ready for the day, the declarations were arising up and out of my mouth, praising the Lord when SUDDENLY the electricity went out. It was quite interesting...everything was trying to shift to panic, when in my spirit I heard, "Will you still praise Me?" That question itself altered my attitude towards God in the midst of an annoying circumstance. My spirit was allowed to lead my mind away from complaining. When frustration attempted to arise; the praises arose instead towards my Awesome Provider. About 20 minutes later the electricity came back on and we were able to do the things that needed to get done.

A few hours later, I was running an errand, driving my car going about 65 miles per hour, when suddenly it sounded like an airplane was hovering over me. I looked down at my dashboard and realized my RPM's were bouncing around. When I placed my foot on the brake, the overwhelming sound stopped. I pulled over to the side of the highway, came to a complete stop and placed the car in park. I stayed on the shoulder for a few minutes, and while I sat there, panic attempted to arise with every question swirling around me; when a 'rescue' reminder came to me from earlier that morning. "Will I continue to praise the Lord?" At that reminder, on purpose the praises were coming forth again and this is what was declared with great faith towards The Great I Am; Awesome God:
"Father, this has not taken You by surprise, You have already made a way, I don't know how and I don't know when, but I know You Lord. You are the Way Maker; especially when there seems to be no way. I will see Your provision. I will see You!"

I was able to get the car home, I called my dear friend Lori and she gave me a ride so I was able to get my errands accomplished. We were able to laugh together and she shared with me how the pipes in her house froze, her husband's brakes went bad and she told me how she was tempted to get upset and complain. We laughed even more at the greatness of God and how He must be praised. We must echo the praises of the angels in heaven that gather at His throne.

The reminder in all of this today; I must declare the praises of God no matter what I see before me. He is to be praised AT all times...my attitude must come in line with who He is.


  1. That is something we must all ask ourselves at times will we praise God no matter what! Yes, it's easy to say until we are face to face with the reality of it. I know for me the moment my mouth opens to say one thing I find myself in a trial to see if what I say I am doing. I've learned that no matter what God is still God. And I better just praise Him regardless no reason as to why, just because He's GOD

  2. Chosenwoman...amen! and Amen! We must echo what the mighty angels declare with indescribable power unto Almighty God, "Holy!"
    Thank you for coming by for a visit!


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