Chapter Six: My Redeemer

Hello to my endearing and encouraging readers!

Today I have posted Chapter Six of God is Enthralled By Your Beauty...the chapter's title is My Redeemer.

I pray that you are blessed of the reminder of our Redeemer, Who Lives!

Click here for Chapter Six...
If you have not read prior to this chapter, you can do so by going to my blog at:

If you know anyone who needs encouragement...please feel free to pass it on.

I am so grateful to God for each of you!


  1. Gorgeous stuff, Sweet Girl! What a blessing you are!

    My inbox ate your email about your gift certificate win! Can you email me again at So sorry~~one minute I saw it and then it was gone...I probably pushed some kind of wrong button!

  2. So grateful, my redeemer lives:)


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