Letter from dad to son...

I will be posting another link in regards to my book tomorrow...however, I interrupt with today's 'letter' from my husband to his son. Our son, a senior, reached a level of success in wrestling as a state qualifier in the 160 pound weight bracket.

Some of you know a little of our story in regards to Tim's son, my 'bonus' son, and Tristin's brother...but here is another part. I was honored to dictate while my husband reminisced as tears rolled down both our faces talking and walking down memory lane.

I pray you are encouraged to keep on, keepin' on...no matter what we may be going through, as our Pastor Chris has been teaching, How To Stand in Tough Times. The tough times, the tests of life produce patience and endurance and we can count it all joy as we see what the tough times produce...a strength that we didn't have the time before by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Here is the link to Tim's letter of encouragement to his son, Cody:


  1. Teresa - This was so heartwarming. What a wonderful testimony to the faithful love of a father, and the heart of a young man who desires to make him proud.

    What a very tender relationship they have - how it must touch your heart.

    I just heard "echoes" of God's story in your husband's letter. The patience, yet toughness, of a father who loves his son so dearly, and wants him to be all that he was created to be. And a son, who has to work hard to reach his dreams and goals. The interplay between the two of them was such a great lesson in perseverance, determination, and encouragement.

    It's good to have the Lord on our side, cheering us on, in every endeavor in life.

    Thanks for sharing this - GOD BLESS!


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