Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by The Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Criswell

1 Peter 4:8 and Proverbs 10:12

Do you have a hard time loving or even 'loving on' your spouse?
Not me, and the reason is because I don't get to see him often. The undeniable privilege to spend time with him, as not only my husband, but someone's son and my daughter's father is truly amazing.

This post is not to awaken condemnation, but to awaken a love and passion from you over your spouse. Don't wait until they are gone to long for them, let us long for them now. You know there is a sad saying, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder"...this is a fact, but it doesn't have to be the truth. May our hearts grow fonder even when we are together.

Faith goes hand in hand with love...and love which is God, covers a multitude of sins, including annoyances and ugly flaws. Thinking about this truth, I would only hope that my husband love me in that way with all of my flaws, insecure outbursts and annoying habits. Right?

Love enjoys and love believes for change but is compelled to love even before we actually see the change.

Husbands and wives, let us all embrace the gift before us and not reject what we once accepted; and that is one another.

Today my husband asked me to iron his pants and shirt, now mind you, I would have grumbled to myself, "Ugh! You know I don't iron, you are fully capable to iron those yourself." My assessment was correct, for the facts are, I am awful at ironing and my husband is fully capable of this task, however, the facts are one thing, but the truth is that there was a shift in my outlook and attitude. I was immediately reminding myself that he is a hard worker, has made many sacrifices and has been obedient to God to do his best to provide for us, his family. My outlook and attitude became the vehicle to get me to the destination of appreciation. This time when he asked me, I said, "Yes! I'm honored that you asked," and then I giggled with delight.

Do you know how great it felt to say it and do it? I thought, "What if I never get to assist him again?" Now please understand, my actions are not based on potential regrets...but if it's a motivator in the beginning, then so be it...however, if it's only based on that, it won't last and it will be a continual drive from fear and not faith.

Our actions must come from a deep, provoking hunger to love with the Love of God. I must remember that in God's great love for us, He always hopes for the best as He is full of faith towards each of us, yes, especially when we blow it. When we blow it, we realize even more the importance of why we need our Redeemer Jesus to reveal the miracle working power of God!

As the cliches go...but true indeed:
"God turns our mess into His message of merciful love."
"God turns our tests into His testimony of redeeming power."

Please note:
This principle of loving and respecting our spouses is universal to all types of relationships. Now I must add that if you are going through an abusive relationship, you can love, pray, faith and speak life over, yet be confident that with God's wisdom and provision and letting integritable people know, God will make a way to escape. Please know I am not advocating divorce, but I am an advocate for God's wisdom and His provision of safety over both His sons and daughters!


  1. thanks for this gentle reminder to cherish my fella! after 26 years it's easy to overlook the good and just focus on the bad.

    love to you!


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