The witnessed aftermath of a fatal car accident

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Criswell
"O my God! There's an accident happening right now!" As soon as I heard my friend say it, simultaneously we saw a tractor trailer come up off the ground and back down. Debris flew every which way as the 18-wheeler slowly came to a stop. The front hood of the large truck was now twisted metal, barely connected. In that same moment, we noticed fuel streaming from the 18-wheeler and leaking out onto the four lane highway. Particles of tires, of what was left of them, sporatically laid throughout the highway.
As though it happened so fast, yet, in slow motion, many of us going west bound immediately pulled over and jumped out of our vehicles. A man getting gas at the nearby gas station, ran without hesitation into the road to assist the truck driver as another man ran closely behind. It seemed like a matter of seconds, these brave men were already attending to the truck driver assisting him out of the large truck as smoke was coming out, many of our concerns were, "What if the truck explodes?"

As we watched, many of us were running full speed to another vehicle. I remembered thinking, "O God, where is the other car?" A few seconds after that thought, there it was, the car mangled. My friend kept saying, "Teresa! Pray!" I continued to pray in the spirit and what came pouring out was One Name...The Name of Jesus! Over and over, Jesus' name flowed out of my mouth like a river. My mind and my spirit were not in unison. It was like experiencing being in a bubble, watching good samaritans immediately respond. I couldn't see anyone in the vehicle. I prayed that there were no children inside.
These many thoughts like a ticker going through my mind, yet, prayer was flowing forth. Suddenly, my eyes made out that a man was in the driver seat. The only thing I could see was the car crumpled from within and upon him. A good man, a stranger had hopped in the back of the mangled pick up truck, and continued to hold this lifeless man's head as he patiently stayed with him. My friend heard what seemed like an off duty, trained medical personnel calling 911, saying, "We have a trauma." Then my friend heard two people say, "No pulse" and then she heard someone else say, "I feel a faint pulse."
That moment of praying was surreal. Many of us watched people assist, people praying, a pastor and his staff from the church across the street from where we were got a call from my friend and they prayed with people at the scene of the accident. Firemen were on the scene almost immediately, placing their equipment on the pick up truck to remove the crumpled metal so that they could remove the victim. I remember the merciful peace where I stood. I could sense the Holy Spirit ministering to this man's spirit. I can't explain it, there is no 'Biblical' explanation; it was supernatural. As more emergency responders arrived, they were clearing us out, they had already closed the road down within at least a stretch of a half mile. Many of us were in shock as to what we had witnessed and experienced. We were shaking, yet intercession flowed through me even after that. I didn't understand what was being prayed forth, but I knew to allow it to keep flowing. An hour later, we checked online to find if there were any postings on the accident. That is when we saw more than one confirmed report that the motorist in the pick up truck was killed. All I remember after seeing the reports was the seared picture of this man's face before me. I was so numb as I continued to pray for his family. Then the thoughts of questions came, "What if he had children?" "A wife?" "Was he running a quick errand?" "What were the circumstances in his life just a few hours prior?" "Did he get to say, "I love you" to his family members?"
O how fast death approaches our fragile lives. I am continuing to be reminded to breathe in every breath with great intention. When I see my husband and children, I am reminded to breathe their fragrance in; inhaling life with joy, laughter and love. I am reminded to keep my eye on the Father God and not on people. No matter who those people are; good, bad or indifferent, just pray and love them with God's love.
Today, I am reminded of what we already know; and that is to make an eternal difference and be the first responders with the love of Jesus upon the hurting, broken and those mangled in the debris of anger, bitterness, and unforgiveness.
Let us remind ourselves with action that life is to be lived, to move, like a flowing river, effecting wherever it goes with great power; revealing God's glorious power.


  1. Oh, that's such a heart-wrenching encounter, Teresa! I can feel the pain that you felt as I read your post. So, what happened to the victim? Did he survived the injuries he got from the accident?

    Maggie Malone

    1. Hi Maggie,
      The victim did not survive...we found out an hour later via the news report that he had passed away soon after the impact.

  2. Beautifully written. We should all be thankful, and show our appreciation daily. You really never know.

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