August 20, 2011, "Surviving?"

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Criswell

I Corinthians 13:4-13

To Do List for the day:
Wake up (Check)
Survive...Have you had those days where you only see evidence of barely getting by?

Do you feel like you're in a 'rut'?
Does it seem that if you were to describe your life in a form of exercise, it would be likened to walking on a treadmill? You know...the same place, same time, same scenery, just different day on the calendar.

How do we get off the treadmill of survival and into the life of right now? Can you imagine with me for a moment?
Notice the sky above you as the clouds seem to drift away in the majestic declarations of God. Notice the sounds of nature notifying all of creation who they were so intricately and beautifully created by. In awe as I walk, I finally see the souls who drive by in their vehicles. Who are they? Marvelling at the question, "What did God intend them to be?" Do they know their part in the destiny of God?

O how our God is so Awesome as He knows the number of our days on this earth. Will I live for His glory or for my own? Will I be one who declares the greatness of God, even when I don't feel like it?

These questions and thoughts remind me of my daughter who was moved to tears after hearing a song on KLOVE radio yesterday. When she heard the words, she pictured her dad longing to be home. I was amazed by her heart that revealed the heart of God as I saw that she wasn't concerned as much about herself missing dad, but she was moved by his pain of missing us.

In that moment I moved out of selfish mode as this learning lesson played out so beautifully. This 'classroom' moment opened my eyes to see that whenever I am concerned about 'my' feelings and 'my' wants, I can't see anyone else's needs but my own. What an eye opening reminder to realize how I can rob myself from being more concerned about others and being a part of their beautiful lives.

In all of this, let's go from waking up and surviving to waking up and conquering the things that God has called us to conquer. I am learning that I must conquer my feelings and grab hold of the heart of God as we connect with others in God's infinitely great, compassionate love.


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