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Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written By: Teresa Criswell
Excerpt from online magazine, November 2011 Issue-Life Lessons

Sanctified Together, an online magazine publication, consisting of articles filled with inspiration and applicable ways of living life has allowed myself and other writers the opportunity to contribute our nuggets of lessons learned through faith in God in this month's issue called, "Life Lessons" .

It is an honor to share an article I wrote for November's issue, titled, Teachers of Life:

angry girl

Interrupting her father's counsel, Catherine scooted her chair out from the table with indignation, stood up with frustration and said, "Dad, I already know that!"

Catherine's father replied with the rhetorical, "Are you sure you already know? Do you know what I was about to say?"

Ignoring his question as her voice became a shout, "Dad, why do you always treat me like a stupid child?"

Shaking his head, he slowly looked up at her. As if to control the raging volcano within, seated at the head of the table with his chair pulled out sideways, his left hand grasped the edge of the table, leaning forward, with his eyes piercing hers, causing her to sit back down. He said in a calm and steady voice, "My intentions are never to cause you to feel that you are a stupid child. As a matter of the patterns in your life, you have made some very childish decisions based on emotions, resulting in destructive consequences. It is not that you are stupid. Catherine, that is the furthest from the truth; however, because you 'think' you know 'everything' and in disrespect you interrupt my counsel, you are going to have to learn from your own experiences and consequences."

He continued, "My heart aches to know that you are going against what I know is best for you. My advice is to see you through the 'right now' and assist you to your destiny. This decision you are about to make is going to cost you. Are you willing to pay the price that you have priced yourself? I plead with you to know that I can foresee what you can't. It's called life experience. Many times, my daughter, experience trumps knowledge. Unfortunately with your interruption today, you have already made your decision. You are going to allow the little knowledge you do have to override both the knowledge and experience that I have survived and walked through. My daughter, I have many scars, and only by God's grace am I able to sit here with you today, still alive."

Humbled by his calm words for a moment, pride suddenly swept in taking her captive as the painted pictures of her mind led her away by the lies disguised in romance, success and invincibility, she made a decision in that moment to ignore the voice of wisdom and heed to the voice of what would become a path of shame and burdensome guilt.

Does this scenario bring back memories of your youth? It does for me.

Just as the fictional scenario, the life lessons in my youth were unfortunately based on ignored wisdom from those who loved me the most. I continue to have to learn even in my adulthood. It would have been one thing if the Holy Spirit had led me in an area that would have seemed absurd, yet without doubt was based on the Word of God, leading me to honor my parents and others. However, in my case the decisions I made were based on the inexperienced, romanced, unrealistic conjured up thoughts in my head leading me away from the Word of God, resulting in dishonoring not only my wise advisers, but also dishonoring myself.

Through these choices that I made, I was led to roads of destruction that I could no longer tread upon. The fear of knowing that I could not do it anymore my way led me in the turnaround on the road to repentance -- asking God for His beautiful forgiveness.

In this leading to the path of repentance, I know my heart has answered the call of God's voice, empowering me by His glorious, rich love to influence many young women who are about to make life altering decisions. I must echo His voice, leading them back to the unfailing love of God and His Glorious Word led by the Holy, Majestic Spirit of God.

Life lessons -- they are beautiful reminders of when we depend on God and His Spirit being confident in His Word knowing that He is our teacher, we become teachers of life; versus life becoming our teacher.

Experience may trump knowledge, but God's Spirit who guides us through His Word, trumps both life experience and knowledge leading us to the abundant life of what God longs for us to experience and know and that is HIM!

Do you know Him?


  1. Teresa,

    You are a beautiful writer. I have been down that rode and YES I'm so glad I know Him now! I am so glad He saved me from a life that I deserved and gave me wisdom to live everyday a new and fulfilling life.

    Many Blessings,

    Mrs. A

  2. Kids sure can bring on some tricky conversation.

  3. This is beautifully said. We are taught by Him if we will listen.

  4. Once again, a beautifully written post and a powerful reminder that God's wisdom and God's provison for an abundant life is so much more than we could ever conjour up for ourselves. The enemy sits on that path to destruction with open arms of deception. I pray for all of our youth, that they would take the path to life instead and spare themselves the heartache of the consequences that result from wrong choices. That said, it's never too late to grow up...even for us! I'm so glad God was patient with me, but I'm glad that there came a day when I realized that life comes from HIM, and it is good!
    You are a beautiful, loving and faithful example! Thank you! xo


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