You are an Answer!

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Criswell

"...I have come that they may have life, and that they may have life more abundantly."
~ Jesus Christ, as recorded in John 10:10 ~

You are an answer to someone's breakthrough!

Does that seem arrogant? It may for the religiously minded...for I am reminded that as our spirit is possessed by the Holy Spirit of God, Who is the Answer, we are able to lavishly reveal The Answer through us!

Lisa Bevere said it best, "We are NOT a problem; but an answer to a problem!" Now the question is, "Am I willing to walk in this truth?" Instead, let me say it like this, "I know I am willing but am I able?"

This is so freeing to realize that it is not about my ability; but God's ABLE POWER through me to accomplish the ability of being an ANSWER...not just 'having' an answer...but BEING an answer!

What does it look like to be an answer?
Here are some ideas:
* A smile...
'What if' they don't smile back? Then, keep smiling!

* Opening the door for someone...
'What if' they are insulted, saying, "I can open the door on my own." Then, we must continue to err on the side of kindness...don't give up, because of one hurting person, who is unable to receive it.

* When led, ask if they need prayer...
'What if' they say, "No", then pray for them when you walk away.

* Be kind to the unkind and unlovable...
'What if' they...?

In these examples, and so many more not mentioned, we have the honor and privilege to be the seed planters...later on, some will water...but guess what? The Lord receives the INCREASE!

Today, I am triumphantly reminded that God is able, which confidently allows me to walk in willingness without fear of rejection, no matter the other person's reaction.

Let us show others Who Is Willing and Able to continue to love us, as we love ourselves. We GET TO freely and lavishly place God's Love upon others. We get to reveal God by being an Answer and Breakthrough in this journey called, LIFE! As we live, may we demonstrate in potent power the One Who gave us life and life more abundantly...Jesus Christ as revealed by the Holy Spirit!


  1. What a wonderful post! I am praying for a revival within my heart and faith. I know that God has so much for me to do as I follow Him . . . I know He will give me the strength to do it . . . it's a constant surrender of the flesh.
    Blessings to you!

  2. I love that you said we "get" to freely and lavishly love others! If we think of it as the privilege it is, I feel it will be easier.
    I want... to want... to love others as He first loved me. I want to see others through His eyes....and because of the holy spirit within, I "get" to to all this...yes!

  3. This post is perfect for women! So many times we see ourselves as the problem, but we can be God's answer to so many people!

    Thank you for your inspired words, my friend!

  4. A great reminder to be the answer...not the problem! Love this, Teresa! (And love you too...)


  5. You inspire me again!!!!! What a joy to see the beauty of our Lord radiate through your words. You are an answer for me today.


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