Giving thanks!

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Criswell

"Continue earnestly in prayer, being vigilant in prayer with thanksgiving."
~ Colossians 4:2 ~

Gratefulness. Thankfulness. Appreciation. These words reveal the state of thanksgiving allowing us to be reminded of what we do have; versus what we 'feel' we lack and don't have.

Thanksgiving is a great tool that alleviates the temptation to compare, however, complaining fuels the fire of comparison which leads to the thwarted reminders of what we don't have and what we uselessly long for.

On this beautiful day of Thanksgiving; let us do what this day is set aside for, which is living a life of giving thanks.

God bless you and keep you in all your ways. May your day that is set aside with your friends and family be joyous, filled with forgiveness, love and extended mercy as we have freely received from God; so we must freely give to others.

A great applicable way to live a life of giving thanks:
Write to God on a daily basis what you are grateful for and then read it aloud, "God, I am grateful to You for..."

"And I am grateful to God for each of you."

You are loved,


  1. Teresa, I am so very grateful for you dear friend! Your encouragement is a constant lift to my spirit and your gracious and loving ways are such a beautiful example of what a grateful heart looks like.

    There is so much truth and wisdom in your post with such practical applications of the spirit of Thanksgiving!

    I hope that your Thanksgiving with your family was warm and rich and beautiful just like you!


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