Do We Add To The Chaos Or Do We Bring Peace?

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Stevens Criswell

When you walk into a you add negative insight to an already difficult situation? Or do you provide an atmosphere of hope? A safe place for others to thrive?

As we ponder those personal questions - here's how to activate God's faith, hope and aware of God's character - how He is immovable and unchanging - no matter pop culture or circumstances or even other people's annoyances or shortcomings - just because we recognize those things does not mean we were ever meant to focus on them.  

This is a Triumphant Victorious Reminder that God is not moved by our ever changing moments of despair or joy - nor is He moved by our current status - He is not even "fickled out" by our upbringing or lack thereof - nor is He moved by whether you worked hard all your life or if you are just plain lazy...He is compelled by Himself because He is faithful and is the God of integrity and character and in this He has purposed to infuse His character and integrity  into our being so we may exercise His ability through our lives to receive the mandate to spread the Gospel of the Good News with not just our words but with our lives, displaying the Kingdom of God which is Righteousness, Peace and Joy!

Let's go...let's go in His peace - the Shalom of God that causes nothing to be broken or missing in Jesus name! What about those moments when we see things broken and missing?  We have the opportunity to change from mere sight to vision by doing something - and that "something" is utilizing our faith in God that "calls those things that be not as though they already are..." - now that's the life in Him we get to live with victory to spread hope and joy into others!

Scripture references:
Psalm 91
Micah 6:8
Galatians 6:9
Romans 4:17


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