Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Criswell

As the Holy Spirit flowed, I was learning even more as a mouthpiece of His message of faith through last night's Girlfriends 2016 Women Conference in Belton.  One of the many reminders while speaking and sharing my testimony of waywardness to redemption, was in regards to how my incredible parents prayed prayers of faith for over a decade over me, even in the times when they didn't know if I was dead or alive. The reminder that came forth was when we pray by faith, it doesn't mean we don't recognize the "facts". Think about it, my parents knew the painful, hard hitting facts. They wept and were distraught especially when they heard what people were saying about my lifestyle - but PRAISE GOD, my parents even in those moments did not allow those "facts" to replace God's TRUTH in changing how they prayed. They continued God's declarations of faith; they echoed His Truth and perhaps the faith declarations; the echoing Word of Truth spoken went something like this, "Teresa is a daughter of The King, she is as a graceful pillar carved to beautify a palace - she will gather women together and share of the goodness of God. She is no longer wayward but now redeemed as she will live and declare the works of the Lord..."

Oh how our prayers of faith in the midst of trying circumstances are unshakeable even while we may shake with everything in us - yet even still - if and when we focus Who our faith must be in, we begin to get excited again in Him as we remember WHO IS FOR US - more so than who is against us.

As I think upon that evening, it was so sweet as my mom came to surprise me as I was invited to be the guest speaker for this beautiful women's conference - and upon that moment, receiving the microphone, and going up to the platform - it was divinely incredible to watch my mom get to see the prayers of her and dad's faith unfold right before her eyes...as I shared God's testimony of my story - I witnessed her at many times closing her eyes and sensing she was even in that moment interceding for me as I declared the testimony of God's character and faithfulness.

I am reminded of a glimpse of God's victorious mindset...If you've been stolen from in any way - whether the financial realm; or perhaps life ending in death; to health being compromised with sickness and disease; from marriage being severed by separation or divorce; from anticipation of giving birth to the suddenly news of a miscarriage; or longing for your wayward son or daughter to come home; in the midst of mourning; God has equipped us with HIS victory by His grace that allows us to rise above the ashes even while tears stream down our face and in His strength proclaim with HIS WORD, "Oh no! The enemy won't get the satisfaction that he stole from me - instead I now sow/give that moment back to You Father as a seed; I release those people and moments to You as I KNOW YOU Father take every evil thing and turn it around for YOUR GLORY and I will partner with YOU Lord as I know I will receive a 30, 60, 100 fold return in Jesus name to share the greatness of YOU LORD yet again; for I will not be kept quiet even as I wait - FOR MY HOPE IS IN YOU LORD and in this hope that I have in You, my strength shall be renewed - I WILL run and not be weary; I WILL walk and not faint (Isaiah 40:31)!"

Scripture References:
Psalm 144:12
Proverbs 18:21
Romans 4:17
Psalm 45:10-13
Book of Hosea
Isaiah 60 and 61
Romans 8:31
Matthew 13
Isaiah 40:31


  1. The enemy does NOT get to win. Indeed, and amen.

    Happy Mother's Day, and GOD BLESS!

  2. Thank you beautiful Sharon!!! I hope you also had a great Mothers Day too!!!


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