Prayers of Faith...

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Criswell

"Without faith it is impossible to please God."
~ Hebrews 11:6 ~

Have you ever been in awe of a child's imagination?  The world of colors and wild adventure - no boxes, just open skies, open atmosphere...creativity revealed in pictures, words, movements, songs and so much more.

(Photo, courtesy of my sister, Mary Kay McCall)

Imagination geared to The God of PURE imaginations is one of the tools to walk by faith in HIM!

Here's an example of what I mean by this.  I have to believe my parents did this over me as they believed in God, no matter what I did - they believed God more so than what they saw me doing. I truly believe this is how they prayed for me...may this bring encouragement and may your soul be refreshed as it aligned with the spirit of who God intended you to be - for your spouse to be - your children - your friends - your acquaintances - those you pray for:

This is a glimpse of what "prayers of faith" look like and what we get to declare over our sons/daughters - when the naysayers ask or people we know who care, yet pray what they "see" instead of what God intended - this is how we get to speak...for the sons and daughters are depending on our prayers of faith, not the prayers of frustration or prayers that curse them with a woeing doom...instead it's prayers that reveal the fear of the Lord that cause our prayers to line up with The way Jesus prays to The Father.
Example of the prayers of faith that I believe my parents prayed while I was astray...
Friend/Acquaintance: How is Teresa?
Can you imagine if my parents responded: We are so glad you asked as I'm not going to share what is going on in the present moment as this too shall pass - however we will tell you who our Teresa really is - 
Teresa is a woman after God's heart, she is doing the purposes of God as she binds up the broken hearted, she comforts those who mourn and she's proclaiming liberty to the captives and declaring that the prisoners WILL BE set free! If you could see her, she is as a graceful pillar carved to beautify a palace and her mind is so renewed with the understanding of Who God is that she is walking out the unfolding beauty of her knowing of who she is IN HIM! Instead of searching who she is - she is searching after Jesus and now knows who she really is as she knows she doesn't belong to herself, she belongs to God and God alone!

Oh, if you could see her, you would be moved to tears as she gathers the women together to see God and go to Him as little children who know they can trust Him with all their hearts and with everything they have! She has this new way of thinking like Christ as every diagnosis of this fallen world has disappeared and the diagnosis of God is being revealed in her very life - it's amazing how she is now addicted to God and pursues Him with a passion that causes others to want to come to God! The Holy Spirit arrested her spirit and now her soul is lined up with His plans and purposes and she wears this crown of beauty and drips with this oil of joy that has a fragrance you can't stop smelling and she has this new wardrobe of praise and her ONLY STRONGHOLD now is her Everlasting Father as He is her future and her hope - the events of her life do not hold her hope and future - instead it is God who does and now her every moments and events reveal Who truly is her hope and future!! Oh my! We are looking forward to you meeting our daughter as you have already met her two beautiful sisters!

And in this faith declaration as this I BELIEVE HAD TO HAVE BEEN somewhat declared over me - no matter what they "saw" in the natural, dad and mom were not moved by me and how I was behaving, instead they saw God's glory in my life and that's what they held onto and declared and as we do this - watch what others will see as we begin to pray like this...each of us will see with the "God compassion" and even when we speak to the daughters who are not lining with the destiny of God "yet" - we can say, just as I remember my dad saying things like, "Teresa, this is the REAL YOU..." - and this will one day cause our children, our spouse, our friends, our family members to walk out of sin and shame and into the very ONE Who delivers them out of selfish desires and into Himself who is selfless.

Tears stream even now as this past Friday (Passover) at Daughters of The King, God so sweetly reminded me of where I was without my awareness of Him all those years ago and in this He reminded me of who prayed in faith over me and how to pass it along to the ones who need to hope in our God.

I just know this is a small glimpse of God's heart and Kingdom perspective of how to pray over the ones who are wayward as God does not call them "wayward" but "found, redeemed and reconciled to Himself" and this moment of remembrance caused me to have a more softened heart.  

Yesterday while in our corporate, family gathering at REACH Church, as Pastor Chris Gilkey spoke to never give up and I also remembered as pastor spoke that My Jesus, my Champion declared life over me when many others saw me as rebellious, hopeless and an aimless wanderer - this series that pastor is teaching has brought me to a new place of remembering - remembrance of the goodness of God is so key, isn't it? 


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