Thursday, April 16, 2009

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
By: Teresa Criswell

"Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it will eat its fruit."
~ Proverbs 18:21 ~

"If you want a happy life and good days, keep your tongue from speaking evil, and keep your lips from telling lies."
~ I Peter 3:10

"...But no man can tame the tongue. It is an uncontrollable evil, full of deadly poison..."
~ James 3:1-10 ~
Man can't tame the tongue....but guess who can if we let Him? The Holy Spirit who reveals Jesus Christ!

Have you ever heard of the following cliche's?

"Fake it 'til you make it."
"If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say it at all."
"You're just going to 'die' when you see it."

I laugh as I write this because look what we speak into the atmosphere so carelessly. This is not a 'new age' finding. This is based on the principles of what God has done and what He expects us to do. The 'new age' movement has stolen that from the Word of God as their own. But it originated from the Lord. Where do you think the 'positive thinking' movement came from? They took the principles from the Word of God. Look at the beginning of the world as God created it...He SPOKE THE WORD into existence!

Again, God 'spoke' the 'Word' over creation into existence. Jesus said, "Have faith in God." We must place that faith in the TRUE LIVING GOD! Then Jesus said, "I assure you that you can 'SAY' to this mountain, "BE REMOVED, and be cast into the sea; and shall NOT DOUBT in his HEART but shall believe that those things which you have said will come to pass; he shall have whatever he says." ~Mark 11:22-23.

We through the power of the Holy Spirit that reveals the Word which is Jesus Christ when we have FAITH IN GOD, we will EVENTUALLY SEE IT. May not see it right away, but we have to see the GOD THING even more than what we see right before us.

I struggle with this so much! However, every time I take hold of His Word as TRUTH and not just an option, I have seen what I would call a MIRACLE manifest in my life.

So let's take the cliche's of the world, and turn it around for His glory! Our 'tongue' will get us where we either want to go or don't want to go. We have a choice because of our free will from God.

"Fake it 'til you make it." How about:

Let's "Faith it 'til we see it and watch your faith in God grow more." Example: "I am not moved by what I see, or by what I feel, I am moved by the Word of God." I warn you, it's difficult. You will get the 'wisdom of the world' speaking to you, and it will be contrary to what the Word of God says. The Wisdom of God is what we need to specifically pray for. Of course, we can't be careless. When utilizing faith you've got to move sometimes. You don't just stand still. Faith is placed in God as you are in motion.

"If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all." How about:

"If you don't have anything nice to say, then find something nice to say." We have to see through the eyes of our Merciful God, who has mercy on us. His mercies are new every morning. I say often, "I believe His mercies are new every morning for Himself and we get to benefit from that." Can you imagine if His mercies were like ours? I wouldn't be typing this devotional. :)

God ALWAYS leads us by example. He does not ask us to do anything He hasn't already done.

"You're going to die when you see this." Now that is usually used when it's something good. So how about we say:

"You're going to 'live longer' when you see this." Our longer life will benefit so many more people for the glory of God. Why? So we can declare the Works of the Lord.

God blesses us all today as we are obedient to choose life today, in how we see our circumstances, in how we speak and in how we see.

It will feel like you are faking it at times, but really it's faith being utilized. When do we use faith the most? When it is most difficult. Let's exercise our faith when things are smooth, so that when things try to thrust us off our foundation on Jesus Christ we will be able to use that faith as our shield against those things that try to get us to waver and doubt.


  1. Amen! That is good. I was just thinking on that this week. Thanks!


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