Friday, April 17, 2009

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
By: Teresa Criswell

"The Lord is good to everyone. He showers compassion on all His creation."
~ Psalm 145:9 ~

It's morning rush hour traffic. Her mind is racing; consisting of a checklist of the deadlines that must be met.

A few cars ahead is a young marketer. He has a presentation in just a few hours and is rehearsing what he will say as he drives to the airport. He feels the pressure of needing to "land this account." He hopes he will be effective. His hands sweat as he begins to feel the anxiety take over, meanwhile his stomach turns in nervousness.

In the meantime there is a car next to him with a man driving that is wondering helplessly, "How am I going to pay the bills this month?" He feels utter hopelessness. He is still in shock as he remembers just a month ago he was working. He worked at the company for years and then just like that, he was released from his job. His eyes glassed over as he imagines the faces of his wife and children as they depend on him to make it through today. The burden is too heavy. He has to be strong. He can't even think about not making it.

A few miles down getting off the exit ramp is a woman who just lost her husband. It was sudden. She didn't even get to say, "Goodbye". Anger, utter hopelessness, sadness, despair, pain and deep sorrow annihilate her whole being. Her whole life she feels is over. She thinks to herself with guilt, "I thought we had more time." With everything that is in her, she weeps. She can't feel her own hands on the steering wheel; numb with pain and sorrow.

At the light ahead is a young man who has a ring box with an engagement ring in his shirt pocket and he is planning the way he will propose to his beloved fiance. He is so in love with her. He cannot imagine life without her.

A precious mom walks hurriedly with her baby in the carrier and two toddlers that run in circles beside and behind her as she attempts unsuccessfully to have them follow her. All she can think is, "I pray I survive this shopping adventure."So many different scenarios, with precious souls involved. How do I become more aware of those around me? Sometimes we just got to reach out on purpose. Walk by someone in the parking lot of a grocery store and blurt out the word, "Hi"!

Maybe a cashier everytime you see them has a scowl look on her face. Instead of me getting offended or upset, maybe I could give an encouraging word, a compliment and maybe even a hug.

Many times the world will never come into a building to worship at what we call a church building. But we can as the church reach out to the world.

It may seem small and insignificant to us; but it could be the most important thing we may ever do in that person's life.

May we be led by God's compassion. May we be vessels of honor, set apart and useful for the Master prepared for every good work (II Timothy 2:20-21).


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