"Giggles With the Tickles"

Giggling with the 'tickles' as I heard my friend and her husband tell me of their experience as it was their moment to teach the four year old class at church.

You have to know this couple to truly appreciate this story; however, James is very quiet and doesn't get shaken up and Jennifer is so sweet, along with a sweet, tender soft-spoken, southern voice. They were waiting for the teacher, however, the teacher did not show.

They got to be with the four year olds with no plan. I have to picture that after a few minutes of class starting that James and Jennifer looked at each other puzzled; giving each other the 'look' that speaks words the mouth is unable to utter. I would have to imagine that as they realized they were alone, on their own with over twenty children at the age of four years old, that hour must have been very interesting to say the least.

As they are sharing the story it was plain hilarious. One of the stories was when Jennifer asked the class, "Who can sing their favorite song?" A little boy she described as having a white button up shirt, tan 'docker' like pants and his hair styled so cute, he raised his hand so high. He told her in his southern accent, "I can sing, 'Twankle, twankle Little Star". She said, "As I heard his voice and the way he formed the words as he sang, I teared up to hear him sing that song with all his heart." She told me about another boy who stood up and said, "My favorite song is 'Spiderman'" He sang it with passion as he believed 'in' Spiderman. A little girl from head to toe along with being adorned in 'princess' accessories stood up and twirled and said her favorite song was, "Princess". She sang, danced and twirled as she knew that she was singing about herself.

We were laughing so hard as we were just so tickled to hear about these little one's who were so eager to share their favorite songs. It was funny as Jennifer was hoping that they would sing some songs about Jesus. I laughed so hard and said, "Their parents are going to ask their kids, 'So Honey, what did you learn in Sunday School today?"" I thought to myself this scenario, "Well, mommy and daddy I learned about Twankle Twankle Little Star, Spiderman and Princess." Jennifer laughed so hard and said, "I don't know what they will say, but I did ask them if they knew who loved them and they all said in unison, "Jesus"!" I told her, "Well, then they got a confirmation of what they already know...Jesus loves them." That's a cool sunday school lesson!

These children so free possessing GREAT FAITH! They have NO doubts as they believe that Jesus loves them. Many children have a sense of great worth, value and love for God. They can't see Him but they know He is there. I envy this faith. I envy the heart of a child. They have a knowing in their knower that God is God. Their imagination is not tainted with voices of discouragement. Have you unintentionally discouraged a young one? Many times they are adamant about what they know. They don't care about our past experiences of why we stopped believing, they just know they still believe no matter what.

Do you know that Jesus loves you? Raise your hand if the answer is Yes! If you know, then let's act like it! When stuff happens, it squeezes us to reveal what is inside us. Many times I realize that fear is inside of me when I get squeezed.


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