August 31, 2009, "'Luke 6 it'!"

Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written By: Teresa Criswell

"But if you are willing to listen, I say, love your enemies. Do good to those who hate you. Pray for the happiness of those who curse you. Pray for those who hurt you..."
~ Luke 6:27-36 ~

"You are no good."
"Are you that stupid?"
"Can you do anything right?"

As she laughed with her friends in the restaurant with great joy, she looked up to find a handful of people annoyed as they rolled their eyes.

The manager looked over at him, not caring if the customers were in the store and belittled him by saying, "Do you have a brain?"
In anger and embarassment he said, "Well, obviously not."

A sweet young lady ringing up merchandise at a clothing store is rudely interrupted by a customer as she says, "Could you please hurry it up? I don't have all day." The employee's demeanor shrinks back revealing her embarassment, as though all the air was let out of a balloon.

The 'boss' looks over his employee's shoulder as he tries to find something he can belittle.

Insubordination takes place when the employee is told of a meeting and challenges her supervisor by saying she needs an 'agenda' for the meeting and then will decide whether or not she will go. Not only does she challenge her supervisor, but she also goes to the top of the chain of command and surpasses all the other supervisors to manipulate her situation. As her supervisor has every right to fire her, the other supervisors tell her that she can not exercise her 'right' to terminate due to insubordination, because of the position that she holds and what she is training for.

All these scenarios have something in common. The first thing that rises up in most of us is that 'default' human sin nature ~ striking back in some form, getting even, becoming defensive.

As these scenarios have all taken place in some form or another. I laugh as I have heard in my spirit many times in situations like this; I have heard in such love, "Luke 6 it".

"'Luke 6 it'?"
"Are you kidding, 'Luke 6 it'?"
Everything in me would try to justify why I could not 'Luke 6' the situation.

I have said this many times, but I tell you, I know God's Word doesn't lie; The Word is Jesus Christ and He and is ALIVE. If there is application to His Word, you can't help but see God's results take place. Same goes, if we don't apply His Word, we can't help but see the absence of His results in our lives.

In each of these scenarios, Jesus Christ has said, "Love your enemies. Do good to those who hate you. Pray for those who curse you and pray for those who hurt you." It goes against the fleshly core of the sin nature, doesn't it?

Many times I have situations arise where I didn't apply Luke 6 and I wondered why nothing good came out of it. Then the times I have applied Luke 6, I saw the Lord work in such mysterious ways, even through the people who were hateful towards me.

I want you to be encouraged today.
When a problem arises, look at it as an opportunity to 'Luke 6 it'.
Watch what only God can do.

There have been many times where I have walked away from a heated situation and got by myself and screamed with great anger, "GOD BLESS HIM/HER!!!!!!!!!!!!"

It is amazing, as soon as that 'blessing' was released, my attitude changed about the situation, and even the person. It is not that I have the power to bless the is about me relying on His power to bless me through the situation.

I saw it as sowing a seed of blessing and I got to see the reaping of the harvest of His glorious blessings!

Today as we're challenged, may we be reminded of doing the opposite of what we by sin nature want to do.

May we be like the salmon of the streams, going against the current. Let's 'swim' against the current of sin and even though the process may hurt; by God's grace we can do it and as we get to our destination, we will see the great rewards of the obedience in the midst of the process.

Through the process, we will become tired but by God's joy we will see the supply of His strength come over us no matter the situation!


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