July 13, 2010, "Trust in the midst of Disqualifying Doubts"

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written By: Teresa Criswell

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me and gives me strength."
~ Philippians 4:13 ~

My daughter nervously sat on her bike. The doubts were annihilating her beautiful mind. The ugly doubts were being revealed as she spoke with tears streaming down her face. She quietly said, "Mom, I can't ride my bike, I'm scared." "Mom, can we go home?" With great love towards her, I said, "Tristin, we can go home when you ride your bike around one time." She cried, "Mom, I can't do it, I'll fall." I looked at her sternly, knowing what she was able to do and said, "Tristin, you are a bold, brave warrior; it is not about what you can't do, it's about what you're choosing not to do. Now show yourself what I already know that you can do! You just rode your bike the other day, I know you can do it!" The tears streamed down her face.

I wanted so badly to say it was ok, pack it up and leave, however, there was that something on the inside of me that would not allow me. In love and as her mom, I knew it was necessary to see that she overcome this fear that attempted to hold her back. The fear was attempting to stop her, resulting in regression. Because of my love for her, I couldn't see this happen. If she wasn't willing to persevere, I was willing to persevere with and along side her.

After I had her declare, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." She slowly but surely started pedaling and before we knew it, she was not only riding her bike, but she was riding it around more than what she had ever expected for herself. She even went further than the agreement we made in order to go home. Through her perseverance, she was able to see through the doubt and fear and with action saw what I already knew she could do. In that moment of great doubt, she had to rely and trust in what mommy said it had to be true.

The experience with my daughter led me to the beautiful reminder of our God. He has placed His purpose and His desires for us to walk out with great action through Jesus Christ, for others to see a glimpse of who He is. There are times when we feel we are not ready. Sometimes we are even disqualified by those around us who do not see the potential that God has placed within us. In that disqualification, comes great doubt and even causes us to cease in going forward in what God has called us to. When God says, "You're ready; trust in ME." We must believe that we are ready; as the Trust in God is what will lead us to great action and in that action will touch many in the process for God's great purpose; not just for the one, but for the many, because of the one.

You may be going through a situation similar to this at this present time. Take your step of faith closer to God through Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. That step in going forward is revealing your belief and trust in the One who has called you to come.

In this reminder, we must also remember, that when we take that step towards unbelief, we fall back, going backwards, regressing and in turn we reveal the unintentional trust in the enemy who desires to consume us; attempting to consume the purpose of God.

Victory is yours; not because of what you have done, but because of what Jesus Christ has done! Jesus said, and I quote, "It is Finished". If He said, we must choose to believe it! Do you believe what He said? Do I believe what He said? Whether I believe or not, does not change what He has already done! So let us believe in Him and what He has Finished and obtained...VICTORY!


  1. AMEN..In HIM we have the victory!


  2. Jen said...
    My gosh! I started reading this yesterday and I got distracted....last night at dinner I was telling Jennie Bennett and her husband the funny story and how I needed to finish reading...This made me LOL!

  3. Julie said...
    Love it and love you! Thank you so much for sharing!!!!! Tee, hee, hee!!

  4. Celina said...
    LOL! So funny!

  5. This is very true. I can definitely see this in the area of witnessing for Christ! Thanks for the insight!


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