July 22, 2010, "Prayer to reveal truth"

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Criswell

"I will lift up my eyes to the hills - from where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, Who made heaven and earth!"
~ Psalm 121:2 ~

Lord, I thank You for You are excellence!
How excellent is Your name in ALL the earth.
You are awesome and marvelous!
You are Holy!
Thank You for every breath I breathe.
Thank You for the permission to live at this very moment!

Father there are so many things coming down upon the many in our country. The evil, thwarted plans of wickedness 'runs amuck' throughout the world. I have been awakened from a deep sleep from my own life and now see; no longer ignoring those who serve You. For the many who serve You are being persecuted to death or by torture and imprisoned. I must proceed with the unction to pray for my brothers and sisters in other nations and our own nation as they face circumstances that my mind could never comprehend.

Lord to see the deception all around us from the so called 'news' through the tel-'a-lie'-vision and the constant barrage of distractions. Father, I am thankful to You that my husband has asked You for wisdom to know what to do in this time. We are realizing even more that this is no longer the time to continue doing the things like we have. We must be more vigilant, more sober and more watchful than ever before. We must be prepared as we listen to Your voice. Some things You are calling us to do seem crazy; yet, we must do these things as You provide protection for our family so that we can also provide for others.

Lord, we are beginning to see the lies that are being exposed. Father, I know even more now the necessary prayers that must be prayed out on behalf of those who have lost their jobs, finances, homes and vehicles. There are many who do not have other family as they are forced to live on the streets or in the growing tent cities around our nation alone. It is hard to imagine that at one time not long ago they had a roof over their head, doing the normal things of life and then a 'suddenly' hit them like a baseball bat and as they fell, they fell hard and unconscious.

Lord, as You prepare us, may we and those around us listen to the 'watchmen on the wall'. It isn't about the doom and the gloom of what the watchmen see, it is about what Your Word has already said would happen and the watchmen are only seeing them from afar, yet what they are seeing is attempting to advance us. For long enough I have ignored the watchmen, but no longer can I do so. I don't want to be distracted by what we have been told our life should be like. Being concerned with things, our status; O how I have fallen short in this area.

Are we ready and prepared for action to stand? We as the church must awaken out of the anesthesia of the 'we won't be here' mentality; and we must realize that we are here in this very moment that You have given to us to awaken those who do not yet know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. I am reminded to do it for the Lord on behalf of my brothers and sisters in Christ who are imprisoned. They are imprisoned for the very precious things that I have taken so lightly.

Lord, I realize even more now than ever before not to take the mandate of Who You are lightly. This is what I am called to do, to spread the gospel of peace! The Gospel of Who You are! Who are You? You preach good tidings to the poor; You heal the brokenhearted, You proclaim liberty to the captives, and You open the doors of the prison to those who are bound (Isaiah 61).
I get to love you and if I love you; I will show Your Love through my actions; especially upon those who may reject The Truth, which is You, Jesus Christ. I must and will not give up; but allow others to experience giving their broken hearts and lives to Jesus Christ as He makes them whole in the midst of a world that is coming apart.

I believe many know Jesus as Lord and Savior; but do they have a relationship with Jesus as THEIR Lord and Savior? Father, many believe that you are God; but so do the demons; and in their knowing they TREMBLE! This is the time, like never seen before, where we must advance the Throne of Grace; for You sit on that Throne and we must approach You with boldness knowing Who You are! We must go out and proclaim that grace that has been received by us through Jesus Christ revealed by the Holy Spirit! We have the Holy Spirit of God within us to reveal who You are seeing the captives set free!

Lord, as You grace us, it is revealed that You care for us and You revealed that indescribable care by giving Your only Son, Jesus. Your love is so powerful that not even death could hold You in the grave! Lord, we know we have the Victory because of You! We must awaken ourselves in this nation especially so that we as a church know what to be prepared against, what to be prepared for and reaching out to a world filled with souls that need God revealed through Jesus Christ!

I am also reminded that if I knew beforehand that there was a 10.0 earthquake about to hit our area, I know that we would make sure a plan would be put into place; the first plan to fall on our knees before You in prayer asking for wisdom and understanding. Then, running and warning as many people who will hear the message of Who You are, which is Truth, being led by Your Spirit where to go as we are covered by Your peace that surpasses all understanding.


  1. Hi Teresa,

    Thank you for being an intercessory prayer warrior.


  2. Teresa,

    An amazing prayer. God is truly using you with this gift.

    I hope that Christians do recognize the destruction that is ahead for those who don't Him and find the motivation to reach them with the Truth and God's love.

    Thank you!

  3. I praise God for you and the fire he has burning in you! You inspire me (and many others) with your heart and daily encouragement. Thank you for leading the way! So grateful we are on the same team and that we have each other to spur on daily!



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