July 28, 2010, "Song of Angels, Freddy Hayler"

I want to encourage you today with the following songs by Freddy Hayler. When listening to the songs, I believe that the mountainous giants you face; will immediately crumble upon hearing the beautiful descriptive revelation of our Awesome God, revealed so powerfully in this song, "Celestial Odyssey'.

Most likely, like most of us, you may not have time to sit at your computer and listen; however, if possible, may I suggest that you play it as you get things accomplished! This is so powerful. My husband and I came upon this CD back in 2006 and it is partly a Revelation of John through this song. This song so powerfully reminds me of the powerful angels in their great power; constantly singing of God's Awesome Glory, declaring constantly God's Awesome, Indescribable Holiness!

This song is another awesome song; sung by Freddy Hayler, sung in Italian and English.

"The Day The Angels Cried", this song I would love to see a 'skit' done during Christmas and Resurrection Day:


  1. Blessings Teresa... Since today is WORD Filled Weds. I was looking for yours since you visited me (and it was such a breath of freshness) to come here and listen to this ANGELIC post. Perhaps you meant to come to my previous post:
    "Written on Angel's Wings" and so you knew this would bless me. I speak Spanish but I was able to understand the Italian (they're so close)! 3 GREAT videos!!! and you're so right, that last one would make a good drama...why not write one with this song as the theme?

    I have bookmarked your blog because I don't think I've had the pleasure to meet you before but I hope to read & visit you more. Thanks for your encouragement this day. It has been a delight & I love Triumphant Victorious Reminders! WOW! I must come back and read the testimony or post that accompanies this!!!

    Have a glorious day in the Lord!!!

  2. Hi Teresa,

    These songs lift up praise to the Lord and the momentum carried me into spontaneous spiritual praise!

    The song, The Day the Angels Cried elicits sadness that transforms into joy, ushering in praises.

    Since I'm going to resume praising the Lord, I should end this comment now.

    Blessings and peace to you.


  3. Thank you for posting these,Teresa! I especially loved the second one, my spirit was soaring as I felt myself glide over the clouds with Jesus. Beautiful...beautiful...sniff

  4. Our God is so awesome!!! Thank you for visiting and for listening to these amazing songs!

  5. blessings to you in the Name of the Lord.If only I can get the words of this songs! can anyone write them down and share? Especially the sections sung in Italiano. God bless


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