July 7, 2010, "Desperation; Philosophies; Truth"

"...Now the multitude of those who believed were of one heart and one soul; neither did anyone say that any of the things he possessed was his own, but they had all things in common..."
~ Acts 4:31-37 ~

Desperation. Loss. Hopelessness.

There are many circumstances annihilating many people and families more frequently than ever before. We are seeing that the rain is truly falling on the just and the unjust. Difficulty is here and among many right now. The difficult circumstances are preying not on only the weak but also the strong. In this time of difficulty may we as an assembly and church not find ourselves separating from one another because of offenses. If there is separation among assemblies called churches, may it be because of traditions of man that have led us astray.

We must not cling to anything but The Truth of our God. Not for one moment can we be sidetracked. This is the time for crucial action. We must be actively studying the Word of God asking for God's insight. Books written by man are good, however, may we not forsake the 'one on one' time of truly relying on The Spirit of God for direction and His revelation of understanding.

The well-intentioned books that we read and have read should offer confirmation to that which has already been revealed in the secret place with the Most High God! We cannot seek for answers in books or the philosophies of man. Books can be beautiful tools but it is not the main tool that provides life and transformation. If we are not directed by the Lord but by man to do something that has not been established in our hearts by the Word, we must be very careful with great trembling toward our God, not to do it! No matter the many who do, we can not do it, unless revealed by the Spirit of God! I must remind myself and carefully remember that God's Word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path (Psalm 119:105). The philosophies of man do not provide that which the Word of God provides. God's Word gives direction and by the Spirit of God we are led to know how to execute rightly and justly that which we have learned being transformed mightily and powerfully. We must never minimize the power of the Holy Spirit in wanting to guide us in all Truth! The size of our desire for God's Truth is a determining factor in what we get to see revealed.

This leads me to what took place by the people in the Book of Acts. We must come together as they did, powerfully led by the Holy Spirit! The people were led by the Holy Spirit to come together with one heart and one (soul) mind for one cause...Jesus Christ! They were led by the Spirit of God to come together, everyone bringing something; resulting in coming against the tyranny of the oppressors who persecuted many followers of Christ. The outcome of their coming together provided for all...and it is recorded that none lacked for anything.

If there has been a time for the church to arise and put away opinions; purposefully and violently taking down the walls of dividing denominations, needless offenses, and dividing doctrines, this is the time! We have walked in the philosophies of man revealed in tradition long enough! We have misinterpreted and misused God's Compassion for accepting immorality. We have misinterpreted and misused God's provision for selfishness.

I am so convicted at this very moment to finally take hold of the commission of Jesus Christ. In this great commission, we must seek in and out of season those who repent and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. If they say, "No", we must remember; they are not rejecting us, they are rejecting the Savior who has saved us. We cannot allow the "No's'"to hinder or stop us from our mandate. We must keep persevering for the one's we will meet that will say, "Yes" to Jesus!

I am convicted that the meetings and fellowship time in the Lord must be productive with action. We must be given to hospitality in these times. No matter if we have much or little; I must realize in the end that everything I have is not mine but tools from the Lord to share with others. I must make sure that God's tools are utilized as I am being actively obedient to The Holy Spirit's leading.

We can no longer be concerned with filling the seats and the pews...we must be more concerned about the people who fill the seats and the pews. Is it easier said than done? It sure is! May our difficulties constantly lead us to our knees as we seek the guidance of our God. Our agendas must cease and we must take hold of the Agenda of our King!

I am reminded yet again, that The Kingdom of God must not be our main focus....our primary focus MUST be upon the King who reveals The Kingdom!


  1. Great post with so much of God's wisdom poured into it!

  2. Continuing to focus on HIM! THANK YOU for the reminder!

  3. Celina said...

    Hey Girl -

    Great message.

  4. Oh, so good....it's all about the people, and unity in the church. That verse in Acts is one of my favorites. If only the church today were living like that - one heart, one mind.

    Great post, beloved Teresa!

  5. Our God is so awesome! The gifts from Him are not only meant for the pouring in but for us to pour out...you ladies are beautiful daughters of the King! Let's continue to celebrate one another in Truth!


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