My First Blog Award!

I received my first blog award today! The 'One Lovely Blog Award'! When I got it today, the timing was never so perfect, like only God does it! Thank You Lord for Alisa!

Thank you so much Alisa from 'Faith Imagined' for my first 'blog' award! Everyone go check out her amazing words of encouragement from God's amazing love letter! Alisa is not only amazing, gifted writer, but she is also a mighty daughter of the King!


  1. I love awards! Woot Woot! I am going to go check these blogs out!!!

  2. Hi Teresa,
    ~Ah! Thank you so much for thinking of me for such a nice award my friend. I really appreciate it very much.

    Congrats to you on receiving it as well!
    Well deserved. Alisa is such a kind hearted blogger.

    Have a wonderfully blessed weekend.
    ~Warmly, ~Melissa :)

  3. Why 'thank you!' Teresa!! :) I would be ever-so-honored to accept your award... (though I may change up the rules a bit!...I've seen the award given a few different ways before...hope that's okay!?)

    Thanks again and have a blessed weekend!

  4. Thanks Teresa! That was so darned sweet of you!

  5. Congratulations!! Well deserved! Thanks so much for stopping by our blog and for your sweet words of encouragement...they were a true blessing to me!!!


  6. Thank you, Teresa, very much. I feel blessed tonight. I think I needed this.
    With a grateful heart, ~ linda

  7. You are all awesome!!!! By the way, there are 'no rules' I'm sure to this...I copied and pasted the rules from someone else, being that I had no idea what I was doing...LOL! Have fun giving out your awards..I had a blast!!!! Amazing daughters of the King! So blessed to have met each of you via blogging! Thanks again Alisa! Love you girl! Teresa

  8. Thank You!! so much, How nice to read your blog


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