October 27, 2009, "Remembrance"

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by The Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Criswell

"I will remember the works of the LORD: surely I will remember thy wonders of old."
~ Psalm 77:11 ~

The constant wind in my heart that stirs the fiery passion for God is consuming. I remember that day in 2004 being in a women's bible study. Every woman was asked to share a brief testimony of how they encountered a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The testimonies were so amazing, revealing the power of God in ways the greatest novel could not romanticize.

I remembered as it was my turn to share God's testimony in my life; I had just surrendered my life to Jesus a year prior and there was a fiery zeal of the Lord that was overwhelming. I remember one of the ladies I looked up to said to me very lovingly, "O Teresa, that is so amazing. I remember when I had a zeal like that for the Lord. Just embrace it now, because one day it will slowly fade away."

I was so taken back by this comment. I thought, "I don't want this belief in God to go away." I remember that moment sitting in my chair as it felt as though I was the only one in the room. That was the moment, I told myself, "I will not lose this passion for God, this is not a man made passion; this is truly God's passion through me."

I must say that I look back and laugh at that moment. I was so on fire for God that sometimes it led me to being insensitive to others. As I call to remembrance that day, I can see God's faithful patience over me as I have continued to grow in Him, which will be a constant process with His ability through me. I am truly amazed that the pursuit of God's heart is more than I could have ever imagined. I believe the key was truly realizing that God gifted us with the Holy Spirit who reveals Jesus to us, in us and through us as we allow the Spirit of God to lead.

Today, I was lovingly reminded of the moment I finally said, "Yes" to being rescued as I surrendered my heart to Jesus. The power of remembrance!

It seems that every time I take a moment to look back on that momentous day; the falling in love with God is rekindled all over again. I love His reminders, so that as we remind Him of what we are grateful for; it is not only a passing thought of His goodness, but it becomes a consuming fire that burns so fervently for Him as we are also reminded of Who He Is.

I was thinking that we can do the same for the ones we are married to. Many times the daily grind of life, the difficulties of life, the routines of life can be a vice which can strain a marriage; especially when allowed. May we also think back on the day we fell in love with our spouse. As you remind yourself of that day you fell in love, may it rekindle that love that has fallen asleep; and let the remembrance become the kiss that awakens the deep sleep of your love for one another.

Remembrance is also a great tool towards our children. The bickering, the arguing, the whining, the crying, the tugging, the sassiness, the abrupt disrespect, the daily vices that ware on our last nerves, may we look back on the day we first met our children. As we remember may it awaken the love deep within the reservoirs of our hearts as they come home today from school, or if they are in the other room destroying your Tupperware cupboard, or clanging on the pots and pans, or they just drove to school, wherever they may be; may we embrace them as we did the first day we met them.

Let us embrace our God and bless His heart as though He is all we desire. To desire Him, to be more like Him and to run after Him!

There is something about remembering the goodness of God. But there is also something about remembering the bad of the enemy and the enemies of our lives. We must use the tool of remembrance for God's glory; so we can progress, advance and proclaim through our lives and with our mouths the greatness of God!


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