October 8, 2009, "Take Your Position"

Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Stevens Criswell

"You shall not need to fight in this battle; take your positions, stand still, and see the deliverance of the Lord [Who is] with you. O Judah and Jerusalem. Fear not nor be dismayed. Tomorrow go out and against them, for the Lord is with you."
~ II Chronicles 20 ~ (Excerpt from II Chronicles 20:17)

Do you feel like there is a heavy weight on your chest, feeling as though you can't breathe?

Do you dream or have nightmares about your real life situation? The thought never leaves you.

Are you more sensitive, frustrated, angry and irritable?

It sounds like a prescription drug commercial doesn't it? Actually, it's called real life. Many of us are going through difficult times right now. It almost feels like there is no way out, doesn't it?

The words that come to mind are:
Overwhelmed, pressured, failure, depression, sadness, frustration, anger, regret, etc.

Today I was reminded by my Pastor Kim of doing what the people did in II Chronicles 20. They first prayed and fasted and went unto the Lord with thankfulness! After they specificially thanked Him for Who He was, is and is to come, they told God what He already knew about their enemies. They were being driven out by their enemies. After they had told the Lord about this circumstance, the Spirit of God spoke through Jahaziel son of Zechariah and God said to them, "Be not afraid or dismayed at this great multitude; for the battle is not yours, but God's."

He said to King Jehosophat, "You shall not need to fight in this battle; take your positions, stand still, and see the deliverance of the Lord Who is with you, O Judah and Jerusalem, Fear not nor be dismayed. Tomorrow go out against them, for the Lord is with you."

Pressures, sadness, frustration, anger, regret...you are out of here! I am taking my position! What is my position? Stand still and see! Stand still and see what? The deliverance of the Lord Who is with you and with me!!!!!

Peace, joy, relief, redemption, salvation, significance and fulfillment are ours in the Name of Jesus! Let us take our positions as we are reminding ourselves of Who He is! The God of heaven, the Ruler over all the kingdoms of the nations. In His hand are power and might!

When you are pressed by circumstances...press into God. We need to take our positions, by being still (not reacting by default, sin nature or trying to take over) and seeing that He is delivering you and I! We may see the deliverance now and we may have to wait. As we wait, we will have renewed strength in the midst of the waiting.

Let us be reminded of pressing into God with thankfulness. Not only being grateful for what we have but being grateful and thankful for WHO HE IS!


  1. Hello Teresa,
    It's so nice to meet you! I really appreciate the visit to my blog and that you are following along as well. I'll do the same. Your blog is just wonderful and very inspiring.
    Please come by anytime!

    It seems frustration is around right now.
    My prayers are with so many at this time.

    Many blessings and Happy Fall!
    ~Warmly, Melissa :)

  2. Wow!!! Before I logged on this morning, I had a heaviness in my heart. God called me to start a ministry here, and it seems to have failed. A friend called today and told me about a bunch of other people who are launching ministries, and they are very successful. I know God called me to do this, so I am very discouraged, wondering what I did wrong. I'm going to STAND STILL! That hit me like a ton of bricks. Thank you for a timely word today, Lord knows I needed to hear that.

    Thanks for joining me at 'Poetry and Paradise.' I don't go on that site very much, or post very much there. Please check out my main blog at: www.heavenlyhumor.blogspot.com It's where I usually am. And I would love it if you would join as a follower there, because that's how I keep up with everyone's new posts. I would absolutely not want to miss yours.


  3. Good post. Great reminder to look to Him and keep focusing on Him when we get sidetracked. :O)

  4. Wow, Teresa... I really love it here! I am going to share your blog link with a couple of other blogger friends who are really going through some struggles right now. All too often, even as Christians, many of us just take whatever it is that are thrown as us and chalk it up to 'well, it must be God's will then'...but they forget that we are not alone in this world and that the enemy is lurking around like a roaring lion, seeking out whom he may devour. We need to remember our place in the Lord is to take authority over the tactics of Satan and remind him that he is under our feet. GREATER is Jesus in us, than he that is in the world! PTL! Your post today reminded me of how very important it is to refocus and truly trust in the Lord and give thanks to Him. You have a wonderful sight and I look forward to perusing it more and learning more about you. I'm already VERY intersted in hearing more about your book! Thank you for visiting my blog today. I think it was a divine appointment.

    Blessings and hugs! <><

  5. Oh my! "...pressed by circumstances...press into God." Wow! And to be still, to take our positions...what a fine Scripture and lesson. One for pondering. Thank you.
    May your day be blessed and a blessing ~ linda

  6. Teresa - what a powerful Word here today! I am so thankful that you have joined my prayer blog and hope you'll check out my "main blog" also.

    I just love the scriptures you posted today. It really speaks to what our church is going through and the scriptures are some that we are standing on and praying on.

    I am so glad I dropped in! Many blessings to you.

  7. Ladies...thank you for stopping by...what a blessing! The daughters of the King fellowship via blogging! Now that's pretty cool!
    Love you all and the blessings of God be upon each of you and your families...especially the family members you wait for. In your waiting I know that God will renew your strength!
    ~ Teresa


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