October 29, 2009, "My Dream of Becoming a Ballerina"

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written By: Teresa Criswell

"Let them praise His name with the dance; let them sing praises to Him with the timbrel and harp."
~ Psalm 149:3 ~

I remember it was almost five years ago; as I became 30 years old. For a moment, I went into a silent panic. I began to think of all the things I had always wanted to do, but had not yet accomplished. Those dreams from when I was a little girl were being reignited. It seemed that I had this hilarious need for a 'bucket list'.

The thoughts raced in and through my mind for a few weeks. I made a mental note of the things I really wanted to do, one of them was the following:
~ Become a ballerina.

Those of you who know me; I know you're laughing as you ask, 'ballerina'? Teresa and 'ballerina'? LOL!

Well, I signed up for evening classes at the local dance studio. I proudly purchased my ballet slippers, leotard, skirt and tights, and I was going to become a SERIOUS ballerina! I walked into the dance studio; and before class was over I was made aware that being a ballerina was not for me. I was a a bit agitated at the dancers. They made it look so effortless, as though they were flying so gracefully through the air.

To make a long story short ~ I completed my ballet classes and it was a known fact from the teacher to the other students that I was not a dancer. This was the 'revelation'...."Teresa, You are NOT a dancer." Haahaahaa!

In this 'walk' down memory lane, I am reminded how God allowed me the opportunity to walk in what I truly thought was for me. The humbling fact to sadly realize I was not a dancer. However, I realized that becoming a ballerina could be crossed off my 'bucket list' and truly go to God and ask Him what He wanted me to become in Him.

The 'bucket list' went from becoming a list of my desires before I died, to becoming what God had so desired and intended for me to become before my life ends on this earth and lives on into eternity. I am so grateful that I walked out 'my dream' and found that it was just that...a dream that was not meant to become a reality in my life. LOL!

Through this humbling reminder, I realize my 'carnal' desires are being transformed to desire the heart of God. I truly desire to become a 'freedom dancer' declaring His powerful liberty and truth over my life!

I pray His strength through me will allow others to watch in awe as they see the grace of His hand upon my life as I twirl in Him; as He makes it look effortless; not because of who I am; but because of Who He is and who I rest and cling to.


  1. Last night I prayed that you would continue to have the energy to write the devotions, be a good mother, friend, worker, etc. I prayed that He would give you strength when you feel week, courage when you're scared and clarity when you're confused.

    I'm so proud and honored that we've been friends before we were even teenagers! Amazing!!

    - Celina Moser Baginski


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