November 11, 2009, "Out of Control and Loving It" (Lisa Bevere)

"Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy ~ meditate on these things."
~ Philippians 4:8 ~

Today was a day where I truly needed to 'get away'.

My husband looked at me and said, "Teresa, go get some Vitamin D; just go outside and enjoy the outdoors for a little while." At first I was irritated as I thought, don't you see all the things I need to get done? Then, as his suggestion sunk in, it actually became an 'appetizing' thought. So, I took his advice.

I ran upstairs, placed some summer clothes on (Yes! The beauty of Fall in Texas), walked into the office and grabbed a book, ran downstairs with great anticipation to 'get away'. I opened up the back door, grabbed a chair and a small table dragging it out to the area of the backyard where the sun was still shining. I then sat down and placed my feet up. At that moment, I took a deep breath; inhaling the moment and slowly exhaling all my worries and stresses. Wow! It was truly a moment I needed.

As I pulled the book out from under my arm; I opened it up and realized in laughter that the book I had just grabbed was titled; "Out of Control and Loving It", by Lisa Bevere. I giggled to myself, shaking my head and thought, "God you have a great sense of humor."

As I started to read the book I could sense the freedom and breath of God within the words that were expressed on the pages. I was literally seizing the moment of 'getting away'.

The circumstances that led to this moment of 'getting away' was a pivotal moment. Let me just say, I chose God's peace over great stress and anxiety. Literally, just prior to my husband advising me to go outside; I must tell you that every person that needed to be notified were notified, the beds were torn down, mattresses vacuumed, pillows and stuffed animals bagged away, laundry going and literally every strand of hair treated and combed through. Yes, you guessed was none other than lice. I wanted to fall into the depths of despair; but I realized that despair was not going to get things done. The peace of God rose up on the inside of me and it was like hearing these words, "Choose peace".

Literally, I am amazed at the peace of God right now. Normally, I am the person that freaks out when it comes to bugs and then the overwhelming thoughts of what has to be done next; annihilates me. God has literally kept our whole family. My husband has been my 'rock' and has helped with whatever I have needed. One of my girlfriends stopped by, she didn't come near me, but she was hilarious as she dropped off some delcious chocolate chip cookies.

As I opened up the plate of cookies, this song came out of me to the tune of "Yes, Jesus Loves Me." I started singing, "Jesus loves me this I know, for these chocolate chips say so." I was so delighted in the midst of silly chaos. I am also keeping it in perspective as I am not going through a life and death situation.

Today, I realized that even when the stuff of life tries to throw a wrench in our plans of what needs to be done; the moments of stand still can be the times where we just stand in who God is, knowing He will get us through. Especially during the times when it is the busiest; God can use these circumstances that are not of Him; but God will be glorified in the midst of it. I realized today that I truly needed to slow down and just enjoy being a child of God. I needed to slow down and just enjoy being a wife and a mom. This doesn't seem to be a time to enjoy those things; but like my husband says, "When circumstances squeeze us; we will see what is truly inside of us." When I got squeezed today; I was holding onto Jesus and His peace was coming forth. If I had not been holding onto Jesus; anxiousness and stress and lashing out at my family would have been my first reaction.

I need to be reminded of this in ALL things! Well today as the book was titled, I'm living a life today that seems "Out of Control" but "I'm Loving It" (Lisa Bevere).

I am laughing as I am reminded of an older man who was asked, "How are you?" The older gentleman replied, "I'm doing great; I'm still on the other side of the 'dirt'." Haaahaaahaaa!!! Today, if that's the only thing I can be grateful for, then that's what I'm going to focus on...I'm still on the other side of the 'dirt'.


  1. Oh Teresa,
    Wow...what a day!! My sister dealt with a few re-occuring cases of the head lice in their home this past spring...thanks to a nice little transfer of the 'bug' through a shared baseball helmet. Anyhoo...she could've used your support and a good dose of humor when she was going through it, too. Not fun. But she got through just fine, and the good news was, the house was spick and span!! ;o) I'm glad to hear you are still on the other side of the 'dirt'!

    And 'THANK YOU!!!' so much for the nice wish/fabric for Khloe. It is beautiful. I plan to use it in one of my future updates about her "100 Good Wishes Quilt." It was very heart-felt and so sweet...thanks a million!!

    Hang in there and I pray that things continue to look UP in your home! Sounds like you have an amazing husband...such a blessing and gift in and of itself!! <><

    Love and Hugs,
    ~ Tanya

  2. Sounds like a lovely day! So glad to hear you're enjoying the book. Keep pressing into our magnificent God! Much love, sweet one!

  3. Thank you both! Tanya, the quilt 'thing' was fun...I don't know if I knew what I was doing with the wish/fabric...but I committed it to the Lord; He knows I needed to..Haahahaa! Who would have known what would have happened if I didn' would have been a 'Lucille Ball' moment...LOL!
    Lisa, I love you and I am so blessed by the words of God through your 'pen' as you wrote "Out of Control and Loving It"...I love how the pressing realization in the book is that He equips us on the inside of us to do the things that He is calling us to you all!

  4. Teresa, you are always an inspiration! You took your husband's suggestion and made the moment teachable, not only to you but to all who are reading your words. Sitting in the sun, soaking up a good dose of vitamin D and absorbing what God had for you that day as He took care of the "dirty" stuff ;) It's a great reminder that the peace of God is available at all times...we just have to go there. A great lesson for me today! Pass the chocolate chips my way ~ Hehe! Love you!!! xo


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