November 5, 2009, "Life Situations"

Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written By: Teresa Criswell

"Why am I discouraged? Why so sad? I will put my hope in God! I will praise him again-- my Savior and my God!"
~ Psalm 42:11 ~

His family fervently prays to God in the Intensive Care Unit for a miracle of life over his body. He is in a coma resulting from a major car accident. This event has changed the course of this families plans, dreams of great hope and enjoying every day life with him. O God, may your great peace be upon this amazing family and we pray a reversal and restoration over his brain functions and bodily functions that he may live long on this earth. Father God, we pray your great plan and completion over the lives of this family and other families going through similar life and death situations. Lord, we stand in the gap for them at this very moment and call Your perfect plan forth in Jesus name.

A husband and wife feeling as though they have nothing left to give. They are tempted to give up hope. They have been waiting to adopt their daughter from China. The time frame on waiting has gone from months to years. It will be a total of four years of their wait for this precious little girl. In this time, we want to hold up their arms in faith and stand with them in faith looking at God for His Breakthrough over their life situation; for the union of this family and little girl from China.

I think of Poppa C.O. Farmer today as well. Praying the great hope of God to rise up inside of him. I pray the peace of God to overwhelm him, his wife and the rest of their family. Poppa, if you are reading this today, please know our love for you is great and we await for the update that you are made whole in your physical body; as you have already been made whole by Jesus Christ spiritually.

Jerry McKernan and family, please be assured and know that our prayers are continually with you. We pray great healing to rise up and for the Blood of Jesus to flow through your blood and make you whole in your physical body.

There are so many families that are in need of restoration, refreshment and renewal. May we praise our God in the midst of it all. There are going to be many times where we feel so overwhelmed by our situations and difficulties that we are effected even physically. The difficulties, deadlines and pressures that attempt to squeeze the life out of us; may we fight back by praising Almighty God today. May we intentionally look at His creation and be reminded that the things that seem so huge are nothing in comparison to our God. For to Him they are but a speck of dust to Almighty God.

Let us encourage one another as we do not know what attempts to discourage those around us from every side. We may not be able to do anything monetary, but if it is standing in prayer on their behalf, then we are able to accomplish something on their behalf for God's glory.


  1. I felt God's presence I'll be stopping by more often to be encouraged in my faith walk. :)
    With joy,


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