November 7 & 8, 2009, "God is Awesome"

"The highest angelic powers stand in awe of God. He is far more awesome than those who surround his throne."
~ Psalm 89:7 ~ (New Living Translation)

I sit here puzzled in awe as I truly digest to Whom I get to pray to. I am left in amazement to wonder with great, incredible 'profoundness' to know Who we are loved by. More than anything to be recipients of His Great Passion! He is Almighty, Awesome God!

The only way I can describe this amazement is in comparison to a pin ball in a pin ball machine. Everywhere I go and turn is another reminder of my frailities and my 'nothingness' in comparison to His great ETERNAL 'EVERYTHINGNESS'. Please excuse my improper verbage as I am unable to articulate the awe of Who I get to serve today.

I was watching some footage of the late Rich Mullins last night in which it brought me to this place of desiring Rich's heart for God like I have not seen. The way he articulated his awe of God is so 'heart opening' that it causes my heart to bow before this Awesome God who in no way can be described, nor completely understood. Every offense, hurt, lack of understanding that tries to latch onto my heart is blown away so violently in the mighty wind of Who God IS!

I sat in my chair as my forehead crinkled being so puzzled by His great love. There is truly nothing I can do that impresses Him. I sat there in awe of how He has impressed me in ways that have impacted my everything. The perspective from the heart for God in Rich Mullins is infectious with great desire for Who God truly is.

I sit here in awe of our Majestic God. Wow! Please hear the heart of Rich Mullins as it beats with great passion towards our 'Awesome God'!


  1. He is AWE-some! Deep down I know what you mean--we just cannot use human words to explain God fully. But, we can experience God--His love, His devotion. When I try to picture God and what eternal life will look like, my soul returns me to a memory of being in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA). My first visit there was incredible. I sat atop a rock on a penninsula just soaking in the setting rays of the sun; peering across the immaculate water to a line of majestic trees and the utter sound of silence. No cars; no sirens; no TV; no anything but me and His creation. For me, that is my picture of God; and even that is meek compared to the riches we are told about. Bless you Teresa--may you wallow in His greatness!


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