November 16, 2009, "Trust"

"Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in ALL your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths."
~ Proverbs 3:5-6 ~

Today I am reminded of the life verse of my mom and dad.

Growing up, everywhere we lived, it was etched in the cement of our driveway, the cement where the basketball goal hoop was placed, on the walls in our home, any card that was ever signed; that scripture verse was etched as a reminder of how to trust...with ALL our heart.

I am led to this heart provoking question that I was asked today by the Spirit of God. Do I really trust God, revealed by Jesus Christ? Do I trust Him when He says, "Go!"? Do I trust Him when He says, "Be Still, and in the being still; KNOW that I AM GOD!"? Do I trust Him when He leads me to open my home? Do I trust Him when He says to receive His healing; as I question if it is truly His will?

Many times what we see in the natural realm; we determine it as 'God's will', when by faith we are to 'see' those things that be not as though they already were (Romans 4:17). As we 'see' those things because of our faith in God; we start to 'walk' differently, act differently, respond differently. In faith's aspect, we no longer have to be moved by what we are truly going through, but we know we are being moved through to get to where we are meant to go for His glory.

Do I trust Him more when the world in all forms, says to trust them? Do I trust Him more than I trust the most 'dignified' leader (according to the standards of the world)?

As I go through these questions that penetrate my heart, I realize that my Trust in God, is based on how imperative the need is. Truly recognizing my heart does not truly Trust Him to the measure I am called to according to Proverbs 3:5-6 is truly an awakening on the inside of me.

The things we need to pray for; that our eyes of understanding will be open according to the great wisdom of God...Not the wisdom of man. Even when the wisdom of man sounds so eloquent, and even realistically is a great way to go about it, am I truly going to God for His final say as I truly Trust Him?

Can God use people? Absolutely. Can He use anything He chooses? Absolutely! However, I want to get to the point of Trusting in Him, that it's His way or No way. O Lord, how do I get to this point? I plead with Him, "How?" With great fervency, I want what God 'wills' to do on this earth, as it is in heaven; according to His Kingdom principles and promises.

I am in awe at this moment, as my heart is pricked with great truth regarding trusting God. I am reminded that I am wholly and fully to Trust in God; for HE IS TRUST!

It leads me to our nation. We as a nation are in desperate need of the Wisdom of God to rise up. Not wanting His wisdom for our own agendas, but truly His wisdom; as the foundation of His throne is Righteousness and Justice. Not according to the measuring stick we use as 'man' measures righteousness and justice (I Cor. 2:5), but according to His powerful, endless, eternal measure...for He is Righteous and Just.

Lord, I pray the voices of the righteous in You to rise up manifesting your glory which is our rear guard, in the midst of darkness and decay. May we look to You for our every supply. May we look to You as our Source for the resources we are in need of. I don't want to contain You, in how You'll manifest it, but may we also know and discern the hand that reaches out to us, if it is truly based on deception or if it is truly of You. I just want to trust You. I must trust You, I can't afford not to. I love You Lord, thank You for Your loving patience over each of us. You are awesome God! You are All Majestic, All Holy, All-Powerful, Almighty, All Loving, All Forgiving God; In the Name of Jesus, I know You hear our prayers and Move according to Your Word on our behalf. 'So Be It.'


  1. Wonderful! Thanks for pointing out, yet another flaw I have in my faith walk! :) Seriously though, what struck me most in your entry is when you said "trust is based on the imperative need". Well, isn't that the truth--at least it has been for me. Much like praise. I tended not to praise Him when I'm down--and perhaps that more necessary for me than when I'm up. Don't get me wrong--He's worthy of our praise (and trust) AT ALL TIMES; but I tend to only do it when "the imperative need" is there. Thanks TVR for another awaking of what transformation needs to occur in my life--add it to my list of "becoming a better Matt." It's great to hear God speak through you!

  2. Matt, thank you for your encouraging words...God is so faithful to make sure we don't stay where we are at, isn't He? Haahaa!

  3. I'm loving how God is bringing you into such an intimate level of trust with Him! Thank you for this post; I needed it today!

    I also wanted to ask if you would like to contribute to the first publication of Sanctified Together Email & Online Publication. Go to the site and click on "Get Involved" for a list of writings! You have such beautiful writing, and I would love to showcase it!


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