January 2, 2010, "Gifts of God"

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written By: Teresa Criswell

"But Jesus said, "Let the little
children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven."
~ Matthew 19:14 ~

I ponder this second day of the year 2010, as our calendar states.

How's it going? Challenges? 'Right now' victories? Are you still waiting on the 'yet' in regards to the cliche, "The BEST is yet to come"?

I thought about these questions today as I sat in my reading chair embracing one of my favorite books, by one of my favorite people, Lisa Bevere. The book? "Out of Control and Loving It".

Being that we are still on 'Christmas Break'; we have finally had a moment to sit, intentionally breathe in and truly appreciate the right now. As I sat in my chair reading, I noticed my daughter sitting there squirming around; noticeably bored. I encouraged her to go to her room and get a fun book that she could snuggle with and read, just like mom.

You would have thought I said we were going to get ice cream as she gladly jumped to her feet, her eyes squinting as she smiled, running in her house boots up the stairs. Soon she returned and as I saw her descending down the steps, she giggled as she randomly said, "Mom, I can be an actoress in 50 seconds." I laughed and said, "OK...go for it".

She slowly sashayed down the stair case with something behind her. Both arms behind her back she proceeded down the staircase and said with great drama, "O, I have a stomach ache, O wait." She grunted and then she pretended to 'poop' out a book. At first, I shook my head with disgust and said, "Tristin, are you kidding?" She laughed hysterically and it became contagious as her laughter filled the atmosphere. I laughed so hard and at that moment saw that I was able to truly take in this moment. We weren't at some awesome restaurant or amusement park or spending tons of money to 'make' a memorable moment, seizing the moment of life as in a photograph. It was truly a random moment of everyday life, that I normally have not had time to enjoy and even would become quite irritated. However, I was reminded of enjoying and celebrating the 'now' of today. And in that 'now' moment, I can truly say I will never forget the grand entrance my daughter made going down the stairs on this day, January 2, 2010.

I have to say at first I didn't want to pry my eyes from the book I was reading. Yet in that moment of not wanting to be disturbed, was the moment I needed the most. I was able to be enthralled and captivated by the life of my daughter. I must say it was as a dessert that I can still taste as it brings great pleasure to my pallet.

Today as the sounds of our children's screams fill the atmosphere, may we sit back and truly enjoy those sounds. It is difficult at times; especially when we are in the 'mode' of needing to get things done or just needing to relax and get away. May we get away 'with' the gifts of God, versus getting away 'from' the gifts of God.


  1. Amen...the precious gift of children and their laughter...and our Heavenly Father enjoys our laughter as we delight in Him....


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