Prayer Request...Update!

The host of prayers going forth as beautiful banners wave about, reaching to The Throne of God.

My precious sister and her husband David are wonderful parents to two beautiful little girls. I am writing this post on behalf of the whole family, however specifically in regards to their oldest daughter, Lily Parker.

To think upon the face of Lily is so breathtaking. Her beautiful olive skin tone, bright brown eyes that flutter so beautifully as they are framed with those long dark lashes. She is shy yet tenacious, bold in the Lord, and a passionate lover of Jesus as she desires that every Disney princess knows who Jesus is. Lily is 3 years old, soon to turn 4 in February. She is truly a lover of God's righteousness and justice as these are the foundations of His Indescribable Throne (Psalm 89:14).

Today, we must fight with faith that is from God in prayer on behalf of Lily who knows her Loving yet Mighty God. Thank you for praying and agreeing with the Word of God in regards to who she is in the Lord. Thank you for agreeing with Isaiah 58:8, as Lily's heart is about the poor and the destitute; both naturally and spiritually. Because of her heart for the poor and the destitute the promise of God is that her light shall break forth like the morning, and her healing shall spring forth speedily; her righteousness and justice shall go before her, and the glory of the Lord shall be her rear guard. She not only reveals the heart of God in her passionate compassion for the poor and needy, but she also reveals the heart of her earthly parents who also have a passionate compassion for those who are poor and needy, both physically and spiritually.

Here is the following email sent from my sister this morning:

"Hello... Please be praying for Lily... Since yesterday afternoon and until this morn she had a horrible headache with fever and vomiting... She was in a lot of pain all nite... David took her to the ER around 7am (I'll meet up with them when Sky wakes up)... She's getting tested for meningitis. Please pray as she has to have all the tests done... Blood work, lumbar puncture, cat scan etc... And pray it is NEGATIVE. I took her to the doctor yesterday because she had an ear infection and they gave her Amoxicilin 2 tsp twice a day which equals 4 tsps per day... Is that too much mac mac? I thought at first that is why she was sick but I don't think so now. Wanted to call mimi and mac but don't have card or numbers... If anyone else has one, can you give them a ring in case they don't get this. Will keep you updated. Love you guys so much! Thanks for your prayers... Believing that it's nothing serious in Jesus name!"

Please also pray that David and Mary Kay will be able to get a hold of David's parents who are in Uganda as they are missionaries providing medical care and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. David is also going to school to become a doctor, as he is soon to become the 3rd or 4th generation to do so. The amazing part is that each of the generations before him, used their medical positions to help those on the mission field; especially through the continent of Africa; which is also the heart of David and Mary Kay. The lineage continues...

Lily, Mary Kay and Sky

Sky, David, Lily and Mary Kay

Update as of January 16, 2010:

The following update is from my sister...

She ate a good dinner. The children's hospital is nice...they gave her a teddy bear and a blanket. She was doing better a few hours ago but is hurting again especially from the lumbar's hard to move her legs because her hurts her butt she says. She is so awesome and so tough, she hardly makes a squeak...Very brave!!! The nurses at both hospitals and EMT's loved her and says how awesome she did. Thank you again for your prayers!!! Will continue to update you tomorrow...Good night...Love Mikey!

When she was admitted to ER

Being transferred to children's hospital via ambulance.

Eating a little soup and crackers with juice...she looks so brave and awesome!!!

Here is another update from Lily's mommy...

"There she is; the 'pink princess' ;) Feeling much better today. Thank You Jesus! The only thing that bothers her today is her head, bum and back. No more vomiting or fever. The first thing she said this morning when she woke up, "Mommy! What about Sky? Daddy has to go to work and she will be all alone." Sweet, sweet sister ;) they love each other. Thank you for your prayers, encouragement and love...Definitely feel His peace and healing over her. Will continue to keep all of you posted on her cultures and how she is doing. David has a test that he is studying for, so please keep him in your prayers too. I will switch with him in a little bit because he can probably get more studying done here than with little Sky running around everywhere and she is not allowed in the room so I'm not able to watch both of them. Some sweet families from David's class have offered to help with Sky so we'll take them up on it later in the day. We are so thankful to God for His healing over Lily. I can't imagine the families who's precious children are in the hospital for days, weeks and months. So sad. We are so blessed to have two healthy, whole children. Ok bless you guys. Love, MK"


  1. Oh Teresa, I absolutely will be lifting them ALL up in prayer. What a difficult time. But I so appreciate you speaking the Word over them and standing firm on the promises...on HIS promises! PTL!! God is GOOD and His Word shall NOT return void! I am standing with you, dear friend. Keep us posted! <><


    P.S.>> I think it is just AWESOME that David is becoming a doctor...and that all 4 generations of them have used their skill to serve in the missions field. May God RICHLY bless them for their servant's hearts!! <><

  2. Thank you all so much for hooking up arm in arm as we stand with this precious family. I love you all and am richly blessed to have the many of you praying! Thank you!

  3. Yes, I lift them to the LORD as I type, as I kneel before the Throne.

    LORD, You are ever-so-faithful. Please heal this precious child. Hold this family closely laying Your calm hands upon them. May they know Your whisper, Your gentle touch, Your love. LORD, I lift Lily up in the Strong Name of Jesus. Amen.

  4. Wow! I am so overwhelmed by the greatness of God through all of you! Thank you Linda for that beautiful prayer unto God Almighty!
    I'll post an update as soon as i get a definitive one...

  5. Just to let you know at the end of this post I have posted an update...I love all of you!

  6. We'll be praying here for Lily. How I hate to hear of a little one suffering!!! Dear Jesus, I'm in agreement with Teresa and all the prayer warriors here, that God's promises will break through like the morning! Yes Lord, we will press in for your promises for sweet little Lily!!!

  7. Lily, is one brave little girl and our prayers are with her.
    Sorry I havne't been around as I should have left this message a few days ago.
    Our dear father will watch over her and her friends will be praying.


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