January 28, 2010, "Preparation In The Midst of The 'Rain'"

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written By: Teresa Criswell

"and having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace;"
~ Ephesians 6:10-18 (Excerpt from Ephesians 6:15) ~

I greatly appreciate your patience as 'Triumphant Victorious Reminders' has not been efficiently going out as planned. I greatly apologize for this; I am sitting at my local library as my fingers dance upon the foreign keyboard. The backspaces and edits are truly humorous.

The past couple days have truly been an adventurous ride. The adventure is based on that false sense of security in technology. Realizing and being reminded yet again who our only Security truly is...The Almighty God!

You may ask, what did the adventurous ride entail? Well, let's just say the dependency on my computer. Does anyone know what I mean? Truly, everything was great, I powered Cody's computer off, ran some errands, came home to write my devotional to find that my computer was hit with some type of virus. With the help of his mom in California, she is assisting us in properly getting it repaired.

I panicked as I didn't transfer any of my documents onto my usb flash drive; which leads me to today's reminder. I must be prepared not just to gather information but be prepared to see great transformation (Lisa Bevere). This was the first lesson in this adventure.

Hmmmmmmm...."preparation is key" is a word I received back in 2005 after we had been hit with the reality of financial hardship...literally in one moment. In the reminder of this simple yet profound 'word' from 2005, while writing in my journal, that memory today was brought back to me.

It leads me to the meaning of preparation. According to one of the defintions on the online dictionary, preparation is the state of having been made ready or prepared for use or action. This is also something my mom fervently taught each of us, her daughters, since we were children. She continually said, "The rainy day will come, will you be prepared?" It wasn't about 'if' it came..it was about 'when'. In comparison, life will have rainy days. The 'rain' or circumstances of life are not bias to one particular sex, gender, race or class...it happens!

I asked myself today, "Am I readily prepared?" My answer is..."Not in all areas of my life." Of course, I will say the one area I am truly thankful is for my relationship with Jesus Christ. For in Him I realize that through the rain, chaos, the unknown, betrayal, death, disaster, and surprises of life He will sustain me IF I allow Him. It isn't that He isn't able and willing...the question is, "Am I willing to do the first step by letting go of fear and grabbing onto Faith in Him!

Today, as we go about our day. When we look at our spouse, children, business, job, career, relationships, cell phones, our technological gadgets, etc. that we choose not to live without, let's truly be reminded of WHOM we must not live without...and that is our Hope and Faith which is Jesus Christ!

I don't want to run only run TO Him because He is my last 'resort'...but I want to run WITH Him because we are honored to know whom we get to serve as we are lavishly loved by Him!

Wow! What a thought...the MOST famous ONE loves you and I! Now that's an awesome reminder today in the midst of preparation!


  1. I love you so much girl. You not only make me laugh, you seem to be so in tune to those of us who follow your blog. Just this morning as I was sitting in a hot bubble bath, I glanced up at the wall where I have a set of inspirational plaques. The one that caught my eye first stated "love is not about who you live with but who you can't live without". I then spoke with the Lord telling Him ~ I must not love anyone, because You Father are the only one I can't live without!! I'm not saying that I wouldn't be paralized with grief if I was to lose one of my children or my husband, but I KNOW that if I had to, God would find a way to see me through that grief. Without Him, our Lord and Saviour, I couldn't ~ wouldn't ~ want to remain alive.I KNOW He is all I need! As I read your blog, the third to last paragraph seemed to echo those thoughts I was meditating upon this morning. Thank you for sharing your writing. I know how personal it is. I also write and it is pretty tough to get me to share any of it with most people. There are a few members of our Church that have read my writings.. but I'm not comfortable enough to let just anyone read it. Writing is an extension of ourselves... our thoughts... our feelings... our inner being... as I said so personal and the fact that you share it with all of us is truly an act of obedience. You ARE a "good and faithful servant"!! And you rock as my friend. I love you.

  2. Thanks so much.. So honored to play a part! You are an answer!

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