January 29, 2010 thru February 1, 2010, "In Awe of You God!"

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written By: Teresa Stevens Criswell

"The heavens declare His righteousness, and all the people see His glory."
~ Psalm 97:6 ~

Watching the trees sway and move in the wind reminds me of a beautiful dance. The dance revealing the awe of Your Glory. Delighting in You, their Creator as they dance in unison, yet a dance all their own. Some sway to and fro, others waving their limbs in excitement of Who You are. The timing of their dance is so beautiful and so humbling.

There are many cultures who worship Your creation yet they do not consider that creation only reveals Your glory. Creation is NOT Your glory. They only reveal a glimpse of Who You are. Wow! A glimpse, yet on the unjust scales of our thoughts, it seems much more than a glimpse, yet compared to YOU THE Uncontainable, Indescribable God, it is truly only a 'speck of dust' glimpse in who You are! Yet with Your glorious beauty and honor they reveal Your Matchless Glory!

I desire and want to remain in awe of You O God. I am in awe that You are immovable. The very fears and the cares of this world that cause a shaking deep within every human soul, YOU are still not moved. Not only are You not moved by it, but You are not surprised by any of it either. The strength that runs out is when my spirit and soul must with great thankfulness depend on YOUR great strength as it NEVER runs out. I just love that I can truly say NEVER and ALWAYS when it comes to You My Father God.

Lord, I want to minister to You today and I know in return You will minister to each of us in ways we could never plan, imagine, hope for or ever dream of. Even the nightmares that we have never imagined would annihilate us, may I be reminded even in the midst of death, YOU are eternal as this life is temporal. Your promise is never to leave us nor forsake us. To this promise I am truly and humbly grateful. Those things we hang on to with dear life, will all pass away, even our very lives. You are the only One who will stand. I must remain actively in You!

I want to be sensitive Lord to remain in passionate love in and with You. I no longer want to get caught in the religious acts of doing the 'works of God' but not doing it with You, abiding in You moment by moment. I want my life to be as the effortless dance in the wind. I want to remain desperately in pursuit of Who You are, bringing glory to Your Eternal, Majestic, Holy Name!

I love You my Mighty God! I love You with Your love because of Jesus Christ. I don't love with you with my own perishing love, but Your glorious, perfect Love...for LOVE is WHO YOU ARE!

Love your princess and daughter,

P.S. God has been ministering to me to minister to Him...He will lift us up as we exalt Him! I received my confirmation today as I was listening to Jeremy Camp's testimony on the radio. He prayed to the Lord about wanting to minister to the many hearts who would hear and listen to his CD...and in turn God spoke to Jeremy and said, "I want you to minister to Me and don't worry about their hearts, for I will take care of them as you minister to Me."


  1. Beautiful words, Teresa!!

    The Lord has been speaking the same to my heart alot lately. He is lovingly and strongly urging us to lay aside the busyness of daily life and come apart unto Him and bask in His Presence and minister to His Heart. It's in that precious place of sweet communion that He pours a fresh anointing upon our life and ministers renewed hope and encouragement for our journey.

    Thank you for sharing. Even though I only recently "met" you, I've found that each time I stop by, your words encourage and draw me closer to His Heart!

    Hugs and Sweet Blessings!


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