March 5, 2010, "Wow! You Lord Do Not Sleep!"

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written By: Teresa Criswell

"He will not allow your foot to be moved; He who keeps you will not slumber."
~ Psalm 121:3 NKJV~

Lord! I am amazed by how You do not slumber, sleep, or rest.
My soul and mind cannot comprehend such a feat.
As I rest my head upon the pillow of my bed,
I realize the vulnerability as I lie there unconscience is somehwat aweing to realize
that life truly goes on without my help or say.
The want to control that which I cannot control is a reminder from those few hours of sleep.

Yet, You Almighty God do not sleep.
And the reason You do not sleep is not due to restlessness.
You are Rest and You are Resting Place.
Lord, this wonderful reminder causes me to remember that when I am restless, I can and must rest in You.

When I am anxious, You are the 'God of do not be anxious'; In everything with prayer and supplication (earnestly begging), along with thanksgiving, and not complaining, I must make my requests known to You (Philippians 4:6). Not because You don't know my requests, but because when I cast those requests back over to You, there is cause for great Rest in The Resting Place which is You.

I can see a little more clearly now that when I cast my burdens, anxieties, cares, frustrations, hurts, and sins that I have committed, it is considered a blessing to You in the casting of the cares.

Lord, thank You that You do not slumber, nor do You sleep. You goodness causes me to wildly raise my hands that have been cleansed by You through the Blood of Jesus. My physical body cannot comprehend how to thank You enough, so the only thing my body can do is to do that which seems unnatural and that is to extend outwardly, bringing inwardly, that others may experience a glimpse of Your embrace that I have so been given by You. To much You have given to me, much is required!

I am so grateful that what You require of me is not something I cannot offer from myself, but what You require is from You and what You have already provided with overflow!

I love You my Father, my Resting Place, my Strong Tower. I run after You!


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