March 8, 2010, "Soul Stay on God"

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written By: Teresa Criswell

"You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You because he trusts in You."
~ Isaiah 26:3 ~

I shout with great proclamation!
With great declaration!
With great honor and reverence to The King of kings!

Lord God, Your vastness is beyond glorious!
Your glory is beyond comprehension.
The universe is in the palm of your hand!
How vast are You O God?

In awe of You, how does my soul lead me to the depths of fear?
I see more clearly, how my spirit must lead my soul by praising You.
My life depends on praising You.

Lord, many times my soul tells my mouth to shut up in praising You.
O how I must stir myself up by Your Power, The Holy Spirit to lead my mouth to lead my mind to Your mighty throne of grace. I must boldly proclaim who You are!

Why shouldn't I? All of creation declares and proclaims Your awesome glory!
O mind, be captivated by the God who has no beginning nor end.
For Almighty God is The Beginning and The End!

When my soul leads me to the depths of depression, I feel as though I
am in the depths of hell.
All I am consumed with is me, my frailties and my fears.
Some of my fears are still unknown, I don't even know my own fears, yet I am consumed by that which has not done anything but lead me to the deep pits of hell.

I must break free from the shackles, that You have victoriously freed me from!
Shouting forth the cry of Victory! "JESUS! JESUS! JESUS!"

Depression is a pressing down of that which needs to come up! Come forth! And come out beyond overflowing!

I speak to my soul as depression must relinquish it's grip on me! I say to myself, "I will not allow me to hold me back from the praises of my God! My victory is from my Lord! I will shout forth the praises of The Mighty One who holds all of the universe in the palm of His mighty yet gentle hands!"

My mind must be led to the violent, passionate waterfall of who You are! This is a constant, staying on who You are! My mind must be stayed on You at every moment! As my mind is stayed on You, I look at others and even myself through Your eyes! I only see beauty. I only see forgiveness! I only see You! I am not called to love the sin, but despise it! I am to walk in Your ways O God! As I despise the sin in my own life and others, I thank You for Your compassion to flow as I fear and reverently honor You, by honoring others for Your name's sake!

My heart's cry is to lead my mind and my thoughts to You my King! I am your daughter. I am free, for I know Truth, which is my Savior Jesus! If I am Your daughter, then I must proclaim it with my life! The high standards of this world still does not come close to what You have graced me to rise above!

Your standard is Your Word. There are no 'pluralities' in Your is One Standard and it is according to Who the Truth and Standard is...The Prince of Peace! The Lion of Judah! The King of kings! The Shepherd of shepherds! The Bright and Morning Star! The Way. The Truth. The Life! Yeshua, Jesus! Jesus!


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