March 11, 2010, "Redeemed To and Redeemed From"

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written By: Teresa Criswell

"Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! His faithful love endures forever. Has the Lord redeemed you? Then speak out! Tell others He has saved you from your enemies."
~ Psalm 107:1 & 2 ~

Lord! I give thanks to You. But how do I really give thanks to You O God? How? I know why in such a powerful way...but How do I express with all that I am my exhuberant thanks to You? I shout to You with great passion, "You have redeemed me!!!!" I will speak out and tell others that You have saved me from my biggest biggest enemy being, me!

I am overwhelmed by Your amazing, redeeming power! There are so many forms of the word redeem. No matter the form, You are Redemption! I thank You as my soul attempts to thank You! You redeemed me to You and redeemed me from being separated from You! Your redeeming power brings Salvation. Your Salvation brings the abundance to live, even when death attempts to tempt me with the rejection to live in and with Your massive abundance!

Abundance to live! Lord, I must see my soul and spirit line up with Your Word. Abundance to live in such a way that blows the minds of the spectators.

Would wealth be great? Of course it would; especially in the financial realm, however your abundance is much more than the worldly definition of abundance. I want the abundance of Your glorious presence in my life! I desire to long to desire You! I desire that I never place stipulations on You because of my own shortcomings. My shortcomings dare not tell You that Your arm is too short for anything (Jeremiah 32)!

Lord, thank You that You use the foolish things to baffle the minds of the 'wise'. You use the weak to baffle the minds of the 'strong' I Corinthians 12). When I think on You, and then think of the most intimidating man besides You, I laugh at our haughtiness to say how great and terrible they are. The intimidators may be able to kill the body; but they cannot kill my spirit!

Even the mountains tremble at Who You are; they do not dare puff up with smoke and say, "I am higher than You Lord." No! They declare how low they are in comparison to Who You are, smoke comes forth as if to shield themselves; greatly fearing You!

O God! How excellent You are! I am reminded by Your great redeeming power of how I must speak out. My mind cannot help but boast in the One who rescued me from myself!


  1. Loved this post...especially this line..."Abundance to live in such a way that blows the minds of the spectators. "

  2. How do we please Him? Isn't it incredible that our faith pleases Him? Just to believe in Him brings a smile to His face! He is so easy to please...

  3. O Sisters and Daughters of the are so lovely! MWAH! xoxo


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