March 3, 2010, "Complaining to Praising"

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written By: Teresa Criswell

"Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up."
~ James 4:10 ~

Lord, thank You for the reminder yet again of the terminology, "Going around the mountain again." What brings me to that journey? Murmuring, complaining, justified murmuring, justified complaining. Wow, Lord! I am learning quite humbly that every idle word is just that, an idle word. The words I speak that are not of You, are just loose words yet carry great destruction. "I justify it, I buy it." (Lisa Bevere)

I have felt as though I have a right in the past to complain. Or the right to say how I feel about how someone has mistreated me...yet, would I dare ever complain about how I have mistreated others? Lord, I am gratefully humbled to be corrected by You.

I want to progress in my journey with You, not regress without You. You have given me my mouthpiece for a purpose. I am learning that You will utilize the willing and use the unwilling. I want to be the willing one, not the one who is unwilling to reside and abide in You and Your will.

How do I do that? I guess the question to ask is, "What can I learn to get to the how?" I am learning to be blown away by Who You are. I thank you for our Pastor who said, "When we become in awe of Your majesty, we realize at that very moment how insignificant we are, we become humbled and as we humble ourselves you will then lift us up."

The how is in the moment we become enamored by You, for You! It is an aweing thing to realize that You lift us up higher than what we could ever attempt to lift ourselves up on our own. What we lift up, will be brought down. When You O Lord lift us up, it is partly because we allow You to do what You desire.

Will I allow You Lord? Will I allow You Lord to lead me to progression? Or will my feeble, frail mind lead me to regression? Will I cease from going around the mountain and proceed to the other side?

The complaining must cease and the praises of You must increase! I love You Lord! Thank You for another learning lesson of Who You are and who I am not without You!


  1. So great - thanks for sharing, Teresa! You are altogether lovely!

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