March 30, 2010, "Perspective"

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written By: Teresa Criswell

My heart is steadfast, O God, my heart is steadfast; I will sing and give praise.
~ Psalm 57:7 ~

Tim and I walked into the restaurant. We waited for a moment. As we stood waiting, we were soon greeted by the hostess and with a smile, she led us to our table by which we were seated. As we sat across from each other, we were making small talk, when I suddenly became distracted by the television in the corner. As I watched the screen, seduced from where I was, I began to chuckle to about the same time I laughed, Tim did the same thing. I looked at him, assuming he was watching the same program, I turned around to see what he was watching when to my surprise we were watching two separate programs on two different televisions, he was watching a cartoon as I watched the news. At that moment, I said, "Tim, isn't it amazing? We are in the same restaurant, seated at the same table, have the same surroundings, yet we see things at this very moment quite differently, because of where we are positioned."

This reminder led me to the many people we interact with. We so often in life are at the same event, the same home, the same store and the same surroundings, yet due to circumstances and even life choices we have different perspectives. From where we stand we see at a different angle in that moment of our lives. Truly dependent upon our positioning.

Life is the same for everyone; yet from where we stand, circumstances are so different. You could be standing in the post office with four people. They are all in the same line awaiting for assistance. Some are one person closer to assistance and another is that much further from assistance. The one who is one person closer may not have to utilize patience to the necessary effectiveness that a person who is last in line will have to.

There are so many right now going through many different adversities. From pain of betrayal; a devastating job loss; disappointment of an expectation not met; sickness, disease and even death. On the other side, there are those who are in celebration of each other as husband and wife; a financial and job promotion; a reality that far exceeds an expectation; healing; a new life born; and triumph over disease. From the added stress to the relief of stress it comes upon all of us. It will come and go and come back again. The cycle of life will be just that...another cycle. The wheels of life keep turning.

My question in all of this. Will I embrace the ones who are in need of an encouraging word or an encouraging hand? Will I see a need and provide for it, if the ability to do so is provided? Will I cry with those who mourn or will I ignore their cries? If I am stripped of all my possessions, will I still be able to look at my God and continue to proclaim that He is my Provider? If I am struck with disease, will I continue to look and proclaim that my God is Healer? My position must be steadfast and in constant dependency upon Jesus Christ my Rock.

I must remember that perspective changes when my position changes...however, no matter the perspective I must rely on the Immovable, Unchangeable, Indescribable Holy God!


  1. Amen! So thankful we can rely on God's unchangeable attribute...our steadfast Rock...the one true constant in life...


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