March 26, 2010, "Shepherd of shepherds"

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written By: Teresa Criswell

"But as for me, I will come into Your house in the multitude of Your mercy; in fear of You I will worship toward Your holy temple."

~ Psalm 5:7 ~

Jesus! Shepherd of shepherds! King of kings! Lord of lords!

I 'baaaaaaahhhhh' to whatever sounds good like a dumb sheep...but I have not been 'bowing' to Your sound Truth as Your daughter of You The King!

Lord, conforming to this world is what I do really well...yet, I know that this is not of You, because of my yielding to conformity, it has deformed my acknowledgement and obedience of YOU! Transforming Truth, through YOUR WORD!
I have been called to be transformed to the likeness of You, revealing Your kingdom!

Lord, I don't know what the Kingdom of You truly looks like.
I have these great cliche images,
but I truly need and desire to know what the Kingdom looks like!
But before I can even do this, I must truly know You The King!

Not just knowing You as I see fit...but I truly want to know You!
My Salvation!
My Redeemer!
My Shepherd!
My Glorious Father!
My Majestic King!

I Need to KNOW YOU! I don't want to just know You in the way others tell me I must know YOU..but I desire MORE. I desire YOU! I don't just want to study the aspects of YOU...but I want to study Your face and be fixed on YOU!

My heart is yearning for much more than I thought could ever be desired in knowing You!

With great exhuberation...I must know You JESUS! You HAVE OVERCOME! YOU ARE THE OVERCOMER OF overcomers! I don't want to know all the self help stuff that makes me a better person...I am done with SELF...I need YOU!

I CRY out to YOU God!
I Cry out to You!

Lord, do you hear me?
Do you hear me?
Do you hear me?
I need You My King!
I want to do YOUR Kingdom Work...
I want to encourage...
I want to exhort...
I want to nurture in ways I have never imagined!

"Teresa, I hear your desperate cry. I hear you. You want to hear me? My Word reveals what You must hear! Do NOT implement the ways of the world into how you worship ME! When you implement the ways of the world, religion, the way of the ancient pagan...this I abhor. When you attempt to do Kingdom work...the attempt is like an does not flourish.
You want to flourish? Abide in ME the Flourisher!
You want to encourage? Abide in Me the Great Encourager!
You want to EXHORT! Exhort ME and abide in ME the Exhorter of exhorters!
Do not confuse these giftings with flattery!
My giftings in you from Me are not to be used for your own vain flattery.
They must be utilized, for those gifts are not of you or belong to you..they are loaned to you.
Do not use My giftings for your own expenditures. Those giftings are likened to a budget. That budget is for a specific purpose and not for personal use or for your own personal gain!"

Wow! Lord...I fear You! I truly feel Your beautiful, overwhelming embrace as I repent.

Thank You for Your Truth!

I love You...I am desperate for You..

I pray that this desperation would be followed through with great fervency to TRULY follow You with obedience, revealing Your transforming power!

Lord, many of us have justified for way too long that to reach the 'masses' we must conform to what the people think they want! I am seeing that what we think we want, we truly don't want...only YOU can fulfill those desires that You have for each of us! In turn we place You in a tiny box....YOU will not be contained!

You give us a ministry and we say we shouldn't use Your name because it may scare people off...we assume, yet how do we truly know this? How much more ignorant can I be of Who I say I know whom I serve! I must be like David...who knew whom He served! O God! Help me not to take your mercy for granted.


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