June 1, 2009 "God's Compassion Revealed"

"When He (Jesus) went ashore and saw a great multitude of people. He had compassion (pity and deep sympathy) for them and cured their sick."
~ Matthew 14:14 ~ Amplified Version

"He has made His wonderful works to be remembered; the Lord is gracious, merciful, and full of loving compassion."
~ Psalm 111:4 ~ Amplified Version

Driving to see my mom to spend the day with her, I was listening to the radio. I heard the 'DJ' come on after a song was played as she answered a phone call. The caller was a woman who had a story regarding a monumental moment that had taken place at a Special Olympics event many years ago.

The caller's dad, who served on the police force for over thirty years, was a security guard at the event in Wichita, Kansas. The caller began to tell this inspirational story of what her dad and many others witnessed.

She said, "My dad was watching a race and the boy who was on his way to get first place realized that the boy running behind him who was going to take second suddenly fell".

As I continued to listen to the caller, enthralled by every word she spoke, I heard that the boy running for first as he realized his fellow athlete had fallen he did not hesitate as he slowed down, turned around and ran towards the young man. As he ran towards him the crowd was watching in disbelief as this boy with Down Syndrome had compassion oozing out of him as he stooped down, reached for his fellow athlete's arm, picked him up paused for a moment to make sure that his fellow athlete had his balance as they ran together towards the finish line.

The crowd was overwhelmed as she stated that this day her dad had witnessed in the stands that there was not a dry eye in that place. For they witnessed such beautiful compassion flow forth.

As I heard this story, tears flooded my whole being as they seeped out of my eyes, streaming down my face. I thought about it for a moment and said, "God you are so amazing to reveal your love and compassion through these beautiful people that are 'Down Syndrome'. They are such great teachers of your unconditional loving compassion.

I was amazed by this young man's courage and his lack of pride so that he did not prevent himself from helping a fallen 'brother'.

Through this powerful story I saw how compassion was displayed so simply through the eye's of love. I do not want to forget that as I run the race towards the finish line where Jesus stands bidding me and leading me through every obstacle that as I stay focused on Jesus,The Compassionate One will remind me to turn back for those that have fallen on the way with His great help through the Holy Spirit.

I do not want to allow 'religiousity' that flows in pride, to rob me from being a blessing to someone else. I want to ALWAYS be mindful and humble of Who I truly get to run the race for. As I am mindful of Who I truly live for, just as the boy who ran back for his fellow, fallen 'brother' during the race; so I pray I will turn back and help someone else. The process is so that we no longer run alone towards the finish line, but we run together, holding each other up and advancing.

Let us activate that which is already within us. Remember, we cannot do this on our own, it is not something that takes place just because of 'positive thinking' and 'positive speaking'. These are definitely principles that God has provided but ultimately with those in hand and you allow Jesus Christ and the Word of God to change your thinking and speaking, the power that will abound will be unimaginable.

Do you know Him as your Lord and Savior? If not, and you want this, call on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved. Your spirit knows how to cry out for Him, just cry out to Him, say His powerful name, "Jesus"! He is waiting to see you put down pride of what you think of how you should believe; and receive humbleness as He will lift you up and rescue you from something you didn't even realize you needed to be rescued from.

He is the Author of Belief, do it His way, you will never be the same. It doesn't mean you won't still have struggles, but O how wonderful to know that you aren't going through the struggles on your own strength, which soon and it is guaranteed our own strength will fail us.

The key when you receive Him and you go through the struggles is to Look Up and Praise Him, no matter what you are going through. When you look up at Him and Praise Him your perception changes. Your problem may not change immediately but your perception through the problem will!

His promise is that He will never leave you and He will never forsake you as a covenant promise to those who believe in Him. He will never fail us. Who better to run the race with and towards than the One who already HAS the VICTORY!


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