June 19, 2009 "Boasting About Tomorrow"

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
By: Teresa Criswell

"Do not boast of [yourself and] tomorrow, for you know not what a day may bring forth."
~ Proverbs 27:1 ~

The media reminds us daily of a tiny glimpse of why we cannot boast about tomorrow.

I am led to ask, "Lord, why am I motivated by wants of today?" I want you to be the Lord of my life; yet I have a 'Dictator of Wants' (I got this one from my 'mom-in-love), that I have allowed to become the 'ruler' of my life. The only Ruler of my life should be My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The funny thing I realize is that I don't have the finances to support the wants that tell me, "You'll look better Teresa if you have that." "If you have that car, Wow! That car is so you!" Or how about this one? "They'll think you are important if you have that designer bag." The list goes on and on, of the voices from that 'Dictator of Wants'.

How do we go about our lives not boasting about tomorrow? I believe it could be through dedicating that day we wake up and commit our day to the Lord. Realizing and thanking Him that He has allowed us another day on His beautiful calendar of life. Also realizing that as we thank Him for another day it is made evident that if He has allowed us another day then we need to live that day for Him. When we finally realize the need to live for Him, the want for other things will diminish. The deep roots of insecurity must be rooted out that we feel we 'deserve' to have that or this.

Obviously, I don't stop living and don't stop taking care of myself and my family. However, I switch my concerns over to the concerns of the Lord. I want my desires to change over and allow the desires of the Lord to be in me. What a lesson today as I have many desires that don't line up with His.

What a great reminder knowing that He truly loves me when He highlights another area of my life that needs to be worked out and removed so He can replace it with something of Him. If we only could see that what He wants to replace in and over us so much more than we could ever hope, imagine or dream of.

I thank you Lord that your mercies are new every morning. You provide a new slate every day for us, Lord, I thank you for your beautiful love and mercy.

As I ponder these thoughts, it is so awesome how we can be free from boasting about tomorrow and ourselves and truly begin to boast in God!


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