June 4, 2009 "In Awe"

Inspired by the Holy Spirit
By: Teresa Criswell

"O Lord, my Lord how excellent (majestic and glorious) is Your name in all the earth! You have set your glory on [or above] the heavens."
~ Psalm 8:1 ~ Amplified Version

"And the effect of righteousness will be peace [internal and external], and the result of righteousness will be quietness and confident trust forever."
~ Isaiah 32:17 ~ Amplified Version

Sitting under the shade of an oak tree; I looked ahead at the rippling waters that glistened from the rays of the sun, reflecting the beautiful movement of the water.

I looked across the lake and saw patches of land decorated by tall wild grass. Framed with white wildflowers surrounding the wild grass like a ring. Straight ahead as though I were staring at a painting come to life, I saw a tree in the middle of a small island of yellow flowers and wild grass that surrounded the tree like a beautiful skirt in the water.

Just yonder there was a pier connected to a large covered gazebo. The wind blew gently as it caressed my hair behind my shoulders. At that moment I imagined God by His Spirit carressing my hair knowing that whatever tried to come against me I could look back on this sweet experience of feeling His presence so beautifully. As the wind blew I saw a beautiful crane glide across the lake into his nest within the wild grass. It was his refuge place.

Beyond the waters a wall made up of rock that stretched for mile; edged the whole side of the lake dressed with beautiful trees clustered so beautifully together. The wind blew a little harder as I saw two ducks to my right one standing resting his eyes watching his feathers being gently ruffled in the wind, and the other tucked her neck and head behind her.

The duck and geese had come over to me earlier hoping that I had some food. However, I had come under the shade of the tree to study the Word of God for a bible study that Pastor Kim is leading.

Most of the geese and ducks waddled away getting back into the body of water, when about 15 minutes later, as I was reading the Word of God aloud one of the most wonderful experiences happened as the ducks and geese headed back towards me. Some bravely waddled closer than arms length to me. I continued to read aloud and a few minutes later realized that behind me I was surrounded in the form of a semi-circle by both ducks and geese.

Turning slowly around a little fearful I may get attacked, to my surprise they were all resting. It was such a beautiful sight, I truly wish I had my camera to capture such an amazing moment. I realized that God's righteousness manifested the effect of peace that I would have to believe these ducks and geese had to 'feed' on. From this beautiful experience I saw how excellent God's Word and Name is in all the earth.

I was taken back that the earth does not deny giving forth the glory to God; yet man has tried. I want to declare the glory of the Lord as the heavens do. I want to lift up my arms to the Lord in praise to Him and not care what others think just as the tree branches lift high their limbs towards the heavens. I want to have joy and blessings flow out of my mouth as the birds use their voices to sing praises to the Lord. I want to bow down like the billowing waves of the sea before Mighty God. The earth and the universe reveal the glorious, Majesty of God; the question I ask myself, "Do I?"

Lord, I thank you that You are Almighty God. Your loving kindness is better than life itself. Lord, I want to praise you in everything, not for everything, but IN everything. Thank you for the Holy Spirit who helps me walk in compassion and thank you for the desire to feed on your Truth and thirst for You. As the crane flew into his refuge place, may I hide in You as You are my refuge, my hiding place.

Just as stated in yesterday's devotion to the Lord, let us be reminded that God does not slumber nor sleep. He is more than worthy to be praised!


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