June 10, 2009 "The Confessions of Our Mouth"

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
By: Teresa Criswell

"For I have said, Mercy and loving-kindness shall be built up forever; Your faithfulness will you establish the very heavens [unchangeable and perpetual]."
~ Psalm 89:2 ~

I have been lovingly convicted of this question: "What are you 'confessing' or 'declaring' over your life?" Many times the question that God asks is the very issue He wants to free me from or highlight so that He can 'prune' it out.

It leads me to a thought. Would I ever say to someone to their face, "You are stupid!" "You are worthless!" "You are an idiot!" "You are ugly!" "You have no value!" "You are so insecure, you can't speak!" "You don't have the right background for God to use you." "You a such a mess that even God can't help you!" Just to type such declarations are a bit disturbing.

I was profoundly shaken when I realized these comments had been made by me to me! These comments were directed towards a very valuable creation whether I believe it or not, and that is me.

What has given us this so-called 'right' right to speak such things over ourselves? Why? We justify by saying, "It's just me, it's no big deal." I realize today that when I have made these comments, declaring such things over my life with the spoken word, it takes form and it becomes a belief system that turns into a habit that turns into second nature, and then it becomes a normal way of living.

When we speak over our lives and others who are we echoing? Are we echoing what the enemy, Satan has said over us? Or are we echoing back what God has said.

Here is the difference in how I attempt to speak now over myself and others. It is very difficult, however progression is better than standing still and it is much better than regression. I thank the Lord that He knows we are works in progress. Our progress can be accelerated however when we are thinking of Him in the process of our daily life, every moment of the day. It is possible!

Here is the difference in my declaration now...before I echoed the following:
"Teresa you have no value, look at all the times you have messed up."
"Teresa you are ugly!"
"Teresa there is no hope for you as a good mother."
"Teresa give it up on trying to be a good wife."
"Teresa you are a hinderance."

Now the declaration over my life WHETHER I SEE IT OR NOT, I ECHO BACK WHAT MY FATHER SAYS:
"I am valued and I was bought with a price and Jesus says that I am His, because I accepted His gift of salvation. No matter how much I have messed up and sinned I thank the Lord that His mercies are new every morning. As His mercies are new I do not want to hurt Him or cause Him pain, so every decision I make I must be mindful of Him."

"I am beautiful in Him, for He is enthralled by my beauty. He gave me His beauty as I gave Him my ashes!"

"I have a hope and a future not only as a mother, but as a daughter of the King!"

"I am a wife that can be trusted by her husband, I am a crown to my husband's head, I am the weaker vessel in the sense that my husband guards me and holds me to high esteem as a treasure that He sought for far and wide."

"I am an encourager, I am a lover of others as I am led by God's love and compassion."

Who will I echo? I pray I echo the creative, powerful words of my God. Jesus is the Word made flesh! As I speak forth the Words of God, I speak forth the glorious power of Christ over my life! I can echo back what He says because of the Holy Spirit! For Jesus Christ revealed the Father God, He only did what His Father did! As Jesus left the earth, He did not abandon us, but He provided The Great Comforter by sending the Holy Spirit who reveals Jesus Christ the Son of God!

Today be intentional on your confession. It will feel awkward the first few days, however, the more you do it, the more it will become second nature. No man can tame the tongue! But you know who can? The Holy Spirit, IF we allow Him!


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