Friday, June 26, 2009 "God Uses Prayer To Change Things"

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
By: Teresa Criswell

"The LORD [is] their strength, And He [is] the saving refuge of His anointed."
~ Psalm 28:8 ~

The stars and the moon illuminate the dark sky. The wind softly blowing as the sand moves effortlessly in the wind.

The men and women move with caution as their feet are dressed in black combat boots. Their heavy boots sink into the deep sandy ground as they advanced towards the enemy. Suddenly the leader of the group signals to the rest of his men and women who see through their night vision goggles to stop.

At this very moment halfway around the world, an intercessor awakes from her sleep as she is immediately led to pray. The words uttered out of her mouth flow like a river out of her belly. This is a moment she will never forget. Her mind cannot comprehend what she is praying for. The only thing she is sure of is that the Lord has awoke her to pray for the soldiers that serve her country.

As she prays, on the other side of the globe the men and women who advance towards the enemy territory are realizing with harsh reality that they are about to be ambushed. Suddenly at that very moment they watch in disbelief as the enemies run the opposite direction in absolute horror. Our soldiers watch as their enemies run for their lives. It was as though they had seen something that frightened them to the point their hearts almost failed them.

Running for their lives, the woman who awoke with the leading to pray was released to go back to bed. She had no idea why she was led to pray and had no idea why she suddenly stopped, however, she had great peace that she had done what she was led to do and that was to pray.

God in His great infinite power can release His warring angels on their behalf, as they heed God's word.

As I imagine this scenario, I am pressed by the reminder from Poppa C.O. Farmer to pray for our soldiers that serve our country. We cannot forget them nor shall we forget their families. We also must not forget the ones who gave their lives for the liberty and freedom that we should not misuse for our own intentions. I am also reminded to be grateful to the ones who are still living yet have lost limbs, an outward reminder to us of what they lost we gained.

May we pray to God through Jesus Christ protection over our men and women. For peace to surpass all understanding over them and their families that they leave behind. We pray for the parents who release their young men and women into harms way. We pray peace to replace anxiety and fear. We pray for wives who miss their husband's and husband's who miss their wives beyond what we could ever imagine. We pray for the children who dream of the day they get to see their mommy or daddy again.

I think of the mother, Dora Johnston who recently released her son, Jake to the Marine Corp. This devotional is dedicated to you and all the families that are in your similar situation. I pray you know the God who is your refuge in time of trouble. I pray you know His great strength in the midst of feeling the weakest and most helpless. Our hearts go out to you and we are honored and privileged to pray for you all.

May we know the power of prayer and truly remember that it is not 'just' prayer that changes is the God of prayer who changes things through Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit!


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