June 16, 2009, "Triumphant Victorious Reminder's Photograph"

Testimony of the Photograph for Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
By: Teresa Criswell

"But when the Father sends the Counselor as My representative--and by the Counselor I mean the Holy Spirit--he will teach you everything and will remind you of everything I myself have told you."
~ John 14:26 ~ New Living Translation

I am reminded of that beautiful spring, early evening as my daughter and I were taking a walk. I had one mission in mind; to get home. My daughter's mission however, was much different. I was taught a very valuable lesson that beautiful, memorable evening. Her mission being different than mine, was to enjoy nature; to simply go for a walk. Her cares had nothing to do with getting home 'right now' or to complete the next 'agenda' of life.

I realized in that moment that as adults we can be so 'To Do List' oriented that we do not enjoy what is before us; unless of course we 'plan' a day for enjoyment.

As we went for our walk, I was in an unnecessary hurry to get home. My daughter lagged behind when suddenly she shouted with excitement, "Mom! Look! A lady bug!" At first I must admit, I was a bit annoyed, focused on my destination. At first, I thought, "Big deal." Then at that very moment I was convicted by the Holy Spirit to be intoxicated with this moment with my gift from God; my daughter. In that moment as I hesitantly stopped, I received a whole new outlook on this walk. I stopped and saw this beautiful lady bug, wanting to share in the excitement that my daughter expressed with such livliness. This small lady bug was not just anywhere but on a beautiful green leaf blooming from the branch of a tree adorned with white flowers. Wanting to fully enjoy this moment with my daughter, I became as a child and with a shrill of excitement I said, "Let's go home and get the camera!" Her beautiful brown eyes framed with those gorgeous long lashes along with that excited smile said, "Yay! Let's go home." She jumped up and down with excitement and with laughter we ran home; about three blocks.

As we ran, I prayed, "Lord, I pray the lady bug will be there when we come back." We ran to the house, fumbled through my keys, finally unlocked the door, opened the door, ran inside closing the door behind me, ran up to the office, grabbed the camera, running back down the stairs as we informed my husband what we were about to do.

We were so excited as we hurried back outside running to the spot where we were just moments ago. However, when we had last seen the lady bug I did not realize how many trees were along the sidewalk. I became anxious as the 'get things done' itch started to rise up again, forgetting to enjoy the moment.

My daughter looked up at me with some concern. I looked down at her and said, "Do you remember which tree it was?" She shook her head. Now, I must tell you that when we left the scene, I only remember there being one tree...not four! Yes, there were four trees lined up in a row full of beautiful white flower buds and green leaves. We started laughing with some disappointment as it seemed as though it would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack at that point in the search.

I half-heartedly prayed, "Lord, which tree is it?" Then, it was as though my steps were being ordered by Him. As I moved, I was now planted in one spot. I looked slowly through the flowers and leaves on the tree branches, but could not find this lady bug. At this point, I thought, "Well, I have the camera, and these flowers are beautiful, so I'll take a picture."

I snapped a photograph with my little 'Kodak' camera of the small white flower and when I looked through the digital screen to my surprise, I was in absolute awe! I found that I had unknowingly captured a picture of the lady bug! It was so awesome from the area where I stood! I had taken the photograph not knowing what was right before my lens. It was as though God had positioned me right where I needed to be. The undeniable moment of beauty and awe in something that seemed so small.

O goodness. This moment was so beautiful and beyond memorable. I learned so many lessons in those few moments. I felt I was the student being taught in the classroom of life, the teacher being my daughter led by the Spirit of God. My lesson that day? The seemingly insignificant are truly significant to God.

I was also greatly reminded of how our children are great vessels to remind us to enjoy the life pleasures that God has given to us. No matter the difficulty of our life that attempts to steal our focus, we can still enjoy that moment that seems so small like the lady bug; for we must know that He takes pleasure in what He has created.


  1. Blessings Teresa... aMazing! God shines His light
    through the lens of a beautiful child! Thank you for taking that moment with her and going back!
    Thank you for this testimony of God's lady bug!

    Thank You Heavenly Father for sending the Counselor and for the ways You aMaze us and teach us!

    I have to admit that I had to go back and look for the ladybug because I did not notice until
    you wrote this upon discovery and I immediately scrolled up to look at your header photo and then was the 'ladybug' in the fragrance of those white flowers of Christ...
    purity, innocence and the eyes of a child, in the eyes of Our sweet Jesus, the eye of the camera and a mom with an agenda and a strong belief in a God of Triumphant Victorious Reminders. Praise the Living Lord! Thank you.


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