July 17, 2009 "The Wisest One"

Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written By: Teresa Criswell

"Though good advice lies deep with a person's heart, the wise will draw it out."
~ Proverbs 20:5 ~

A thought provoking moment occurred in the midnight hour as I tried to fall asleep. The provoking thought? "Nothing ever gets accomplished by good intentions alone. Actions are the fulfillment of that good intention."

As I was laying my head down to sleep last night I saw these words running through my mind, "A good intention of encouraging someone, still does not encourage until the intention becomes an action."

It led me to think of the great intentions that I want to do for the Lord. Sadly, many of those intentions have stayed within the 'Container of our Heart'. Reflecting on Proverbs 20:5 who is the wisest of all? God. That good advice or that good intention deep within our heart, when we cling to and within the Wisest One, God will draw it out of us; it will no longer be held in that container of our hearts.

Today I want to celebrate those gifts from God that are within you. Those gifts are waiting to become an action fulfilling the intentions of your heart; from God's heart onto others!

I want to be reminded today that when I see someone whether they look like they need encouragement or not; I want to encourage them. If we see someone fall; let's help them up. I don't mean just in the physical sense of falling; but even in their walk with the Lord. I have found that passion for God in my relationship with Him has brought me beyond the 'half way' mode; just to do it because I might receive a 'brownie point'. Instead that passion from and for God motivates me to do things with excellence.

Through this learning lesson today, God has reminded me that the grey areas can hold back those good intentions from getting out of us. Why? When in the grey, this is where God will not operate in or through. The grey is where complacency resides. The grey is where compromise resides. The grey is where procrastination resides. Do you notice that complacency, compromise and procrastination accomplish regression? The grey is where regression resides; 'lukewarmness'. Being lukewarm puts a bad taste in everyone's mouth, especially God's. 'Religiousity' and pride is the pit of where they reside.

I am reminded by the pattern through God's Word; that God is fully righteous and just. He is ALL Light that no shadows can or do exist in His glorious presence. Isn't that amazing? God is the ALL!

We must become a passionate people that great intentions and clinging to God the God of wisdom; those intentions will become actions. The results of those actions will be more than we could ever imagine or hope for in our wildest imaginations.

Have you seen the results of the passion of the world? Have you seen the passion of the terrorists? (Proverbs 19:2). They utilize passion without the knowledge of God. Let us utilize passion with God's power and watch and be amazed as it will change things for His glory.

May our great intentions be driven by our passion for God, to see the fulfillment of the intention become an action for God's glory.


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