July 8, 2009 "God Has Made Me Glad"

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
By: Teresa Criswell

"Surely you have granted him eternal blessings and made him glad with the joy of your presence."
~ Psalm 21:6 ~ (NIV)

A chapter closes as another chapter opens in the book of life.
A life ends as another life begins.
A day lingers as another day passes by so fast.
One side of the world is greeted by the sun as the other side of the world is greeted by the moon.

As one person embraces, another pulls away.
A wave of the hand is a greeting as another wave of the hand says goodbye.
Two hearts become one in marriage
as another marriage finds that one heart become two that are broken.

One person finds himself being promoted as another person finds himself without a job.
One person finds herself carressing her son's hair as he falls asleep
as another mom holds onto the pillow her son once laid on as he is away defending the country He grew to love.

Another couple young and vibrant, their whole lives seem to be ahead of them allow the circumstances of life to get in the way; for they have a false assuredness that they have tomorrow. Their focus is on the tomorrow, forgetting that time is short.

Another couple still raising their family have been separated by death. Her husband passes away as cancer has eaten at his once strong body. The last few months together they lived like there was no tomorrow. They enjoyed each other. They enjoyed the smell of morning breath, the beautiful fragrance of their children, the feeling of their soft cheeks as they kissed them continually. Most of all they just enjoyed life for what it was.

A couple aged physically by the years but their love for one another is stronger than when they first met as they fell in love.
Their focus is on the here and now, knowing that life is short in comparison to eternity as the years have flown right through them.

Today I am reminded of what is truly important.

I must and want to bask in God's Love that is provided every moment,
every day, in every way.
The issues of life that are not life and death must be placed in perspective for what it is;
not for what I try to make it.

God has made me glad.
Yes! He has made us glad! He made us, He created us to be GLAD!

Let us be glad in Him and those who are sad, may we be the difference to them as we reveal a glimpse of the love of God on them for His glory and honor.


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